The Latest FAD - Dumping Diet Sweeteners

Have you heard? It's no longer cool to use the diet sweeteners. Don't you know??

I'm starting a new FAD, and I think that it will really catch on - dumping all the diet sweeteners. How uncool is drinking a diet cola??

Get with it - the new fad is eating and drinking healthy. Ditch the diet fizz; everyone in the know is aware of the dangers of the diet sweeteners, and people addicted to them are just that - addicts. And, life was healthy and happy for those with diabetes BEFORE diet sweeteners existed. Plus, diet sweeteners make you gain weight, stay hungry all the time, interrupts your sleep cycle, creates hair loss, and ED. If THAT isn't enough to start a healthy fad, what is??

I work with lots of media in the know, and they are interested in getting the truth about the diet sweeteners into the mainstream because the traditional mainstream media surely isn't interested. There's too much advertising money at stake.

Someone with whom I am highly impressed is Jake Van Vuuren. Jake is Dutch, but was raised in South Africa, and when he came to LA to live out his visions for movie and screen production, he brought with him an appreciation for this country and the opportunities that many Americans take for granted.

Jake was raised on foods much different from ours, and he sees, from personal experience, how the plethora of chemical foods is harming our country. His vision is to not only contribute to the film industry, but to make a movie on the dangers of aspartame and the other harmful diet sweeteners by jolting us into realizing that the diet sweeteners are harming our health. Hopefully this will rock our current eating habits, and I support his efforts 110%.

Jake's website has a sample video of his editing talents, and he features Dr. Russell Blaylock, author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, and I'm on the clip, sharing my experience about my doctor who was clueless that aspartame caused my "false" diagnosis of Grave's Disease.

Another up-and-coming movie maverick is David Burton. David is a registered nurse, and he got sick and tired of watching people never getting well because they continued to eat the same poor, harmful diets. See this great article that recently came out about David's new movie, inGREEDients.

David's first version of the film covered the dangers of fifteen different chemical additives in our food supply. When they did a test screening with an audience, they realized that people just couldn't handle so much bad news at one time about how processed, and dangerous, our food has become. People left the screening really depressed and somewhat hopeless. David said that he could see the audience getting fidgety, their eyes seemed to glaze over, and they got restless and upset. He knew that he had overwhelmed them with too much bad news at one time.

So, he focused on hydrogenated oils for his first film, inGREEDients. He is now working on future movies about the other toxic food chemicals, and will make a film on the dangers of the diet sweeteners. With the number of toxins added to our food supply, he'll have a lifetime of filming ahead of him exposing the toxic effects these chemicals have on human health.

Click here to view the inGREEDients movie.

Recently, Jake made contact with David, so maybe the two of them, together, will make the movie we have been waiting for - Sweet Poison: How The World's Most Popular Sweetener Is Killing Us! Well, it's a great book title, anyway...

When the truth about the artificial sweeteners rises above the politics of greed, our society will change drastically. People will ditch the toxic fizz and begin to get well again. People might be happier, and with fewer headaches. Half the prescription drugs will not be needed, and wellness will be the focus of our society, not medicines or inflated pharmacy bills.

I can't WAIT for the day.

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