Detoxing From Vaccines

Are you worried that you have toxins building inside you from vaccinations? If not, perhaps you should be.

Was your child perfectly healthy BEFORE getting vaccinated, but now, you're witnessing behavior problems and slower cognitive responses from your child? Your doctor may say that the vaccines have nothing to do with any ADD/ADHD or autistic reactions your child recently started showing, but your doctor also cannot give you an answer WHY your once healthy child is now suffering so.

Did you still get the flu even though you got the vaccine?

If you or your child is experiencing one of the above situations, I suggest detoxing for microorganisms. This approach is working for many people. A parasite cleanse can help sweep the body of all residual microorganisms - both unknown, and unwanted, from vaccinations.

Vaccines generally contain a weakened or killed form of viruses from bacteria. Exclusively live organisms are not used for vaccines anymore because they have a greater chance of inducing the very diseases they should be preventing.

Weakening a live microorganism is done by aging it or altering its growth conditions in the laboratory. These are considered the most successful forms of vaccines, primarily because they multiply in the body, which builds immunity. However, these weakened vaccines are still live, so they carry a risk of mutating back at any time into the diseases that they are supposed to be preventing.

Vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella are weakened forms of the microorganisms. The typhoid vaccine is an example of a killed vaccine.

Depending on the type of vaccine, and the pharmaceutical brand, vaccines may also contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, antibiotics, MSG, cells from aborted human fetuses, monkey kidney cells, cow (bovine) serum, and yeast.

So, why are some vaccines made with toxins like metals and MSG?

Vaccines made to induce a low level immune response supposedly work better if they are revved up with an "adjuvant" - an agent to increase an immune response. When more than one vaccine is administered together it is called a conjugated vaccine.

We seem to be conjugating our vaccines too much these days. To err on the side of caution, I recommend getting only one vaccine at a time; waiting to inoculate a baby until it is at least 18 months to 24 months old; and when inoculating a toddler, split the vaccines into 3 separate shots given at least 3 weeks apart. If vaccines were made and administered more naturally, the body would know what to do with them.

I also recommend doing a parasite cleanse 4-6 weeks after getting vaccines, see my Parasite Detox Package. Whatever the immune system has not absorbed within 4-6 weeks can turn toxic. In the case of the weakened forms of vaccines, these can turn around and create the very disease you are in hopes of preventing. A parasite cleanse can sweep the body of all residual microorganisms remaining unused, and unwanted, by your body.

Many people are also using the parasite cleanse to prevent shingles; especially those who had the chickenpox vaccine as children.

Detoxing is a key to good health. Detoxing periodically every year for heavy metals, environmental pollutants, microbes, toxic food chemicals and inoculations is a wise and prudent way to prevent future health issues and to stay on the wellness track.

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