Tummy Talk - Always Listen To Your Liver Series

When was the last time your stomach growled at you? It's healthy for your stomach to rumble and tumble with hunger. It's not growling at you because it's upset or angry; it is growling at you because it is talking to you and telling you that it is empty. Always listen to your tummy...

Stomach growling is currently an endangered phenomenon, and is actually threatened to become extinct. Do your children even KNOW what it feels like when their stomach rumbles with hunger pains? Do they even KNOW what that sounds like?

Now that you think about it, stomach growling and hunger pains are a lost generational thing - something hidden in the archives from the past. It doesn't make me feel old when younger kids look at me and snicker when they hear my tummy rumble - it makes me sad because they don't know why it is happening, and they think something is odd.

But I know that I am healthy because every three hours or so, my stomach empties its contents and hollers for more nourishment. The younger generations, on the other hand, eat differently - they pack in as much processed foods as they can eat at every meal - and as fast as they can eat, mind you. Just observe a public school cafeteria. Children are eating mostly laboratory-fake-foods filled with indigestible fats and rancid oils; fats and oils that their poor stomachs cannot get rid of. Their stomachs are like a greasy dinner plate that never gets clean. This is one reason why their tummies are never empty enough to growl with hunger!

When a healthy digestive system processes and eliminates every morsel of food that you swallow, your stomach growls and rumbles when it's finished processing and eliminating that food, and this signals you to take in more nourishment. Most animals "graze", and this is exactly what a human being should do - graze throughout the day.

There is a difference between being hungry and being low in blood sugar. When you are low in blood sugar, you feel tired, crabby, lethargic, and brain dead. Eating smaller, healthier meals more often throughout the day helps keep your body from feeling like it is on a roller coaster, experiencing severe differences in sugar highs and sugar lows.

When your tummy is empty, you actually feel lighter, more energized and enthusiastic to eat more healthy foods.

If you eat mostly 75% raw or steamed foods at each meal, and eat foods as fresh as possible with every meal, your body will use each and every morsel for health and vitality. Once the food is assimilated, the "waste" moves into the trash bin (your intestines) for removal. There is little weight gain, less bloating, and no acid reflux after eating smaller portions of whole foods at each meal. And stomach issues can be a thing of the past.

If you don't know what it feels like to have a clean and empty stomach hollerin' for more healthy food, then you need to consider changing your diet - drastically changing your diet! Here are two of my favorite recommendations:

Body pH Balancing Meal Recommendations

This is where my 75/25 Plan comes into play. If you try to eat 75% alkaline foods and 25% acidic foods with each meal, your body pH should remain balanced, and this leads to optimal digestion and assimilation and less weight gain.

Visit Dietary Recommendations for more detailed information on keeping the food you eat in a healthy balance and pH Balance Testing for details on the importance of keeping your pH in balance.

Portions Matter!

I don't care what anyone says - size matters! The size of your meals DOES matter.

America is forgetting how to eat normally. Did you know that the average consumer eats almost twice the portions of food as consumers did 20 years ago? The marketing of artificial sweeteners has been a huge contributing factor to a change in the way people look at their meals. I agree with Jean Weininger from the San Francisco Chronicle, as she writes, "Studies have shown that people who use artificial sweeteners don't necessarily reduce their consumption of sugar--or their total calorie intake. Having a diet soda makes it okay to eat a double cheeseburger and a chocolate mousse pie."

Instead of loading up on diet products, try cutting your portions of real food in half. I also agree with Dr. Kristine Clark, RD, director of sports nutrition, Pennsylvania State University, as she suggests: "Eat what you want, but eat half. Leave food on your plate--there is no such thing as a 'Clean Plate Club!'" She emphasizes more physical activity on a daily basis along with modifying the portions of your foods and beverages. "This should break the cycle of weight gain," she says.

Give your body no more than a fist full of food at one time, and let it process, digest, and assimilate that portion of food until your tummy is empty. It will tell you when it's ready for the next portion by talking to you with a growl.

Always listen to your tummy... if you can't hear it talking, you may be eating too much of the wrong things!

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