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The Detox Isn't Working.
Q: I am currently detoxing, but my muscles are not recuperating, and I always feel exhausted. Is the detox NOT working for me?

A: Remember how I write that detoxing comes in layers? You have removed the most stubborn and crusty layer on the top of the toxin heap. Now underlying causes of your health symptoms can more easily and more rapidly surface. Focus on those layers as they rise to the top, drawing your undivided attention to the changes. You have mastered the hardest part of this - believing that you are in control of your body and that you have the ability to fix your health concerns!

Now as you continue to feel the toxins rise up and out, remember that this may make you feel like you are not getting better. Sometimes, you might feel worse. But this is a sign that the toxins are metabolizing and they are active inside you as they circulate out of your body.

If you feel "pain", that's another story. But if you are feeling more of why you are detoxing in the first place, then this is merely the same ole-same ole toxins finally coming out of you.

Do Organics Help You Detox?

Q: "All" of my vegetables and fruits that I eat are raw and organic: Swiss chard, Collard greens, kale, arugula, spinach, red cabbage, radishes, cilantro (a lot), celery, broccoli, cauliflower, Spring mix, green apples, avocado, lemons and limes, (but I cannot find those as organic). Does this help me detox?

A: This is a wonderful diet. Make sure to keep a check on your pH, too. This will be informative on how well the body is up-taking these great organic foods. Are there any local farmers around you? This is a great selection of organics.

Nature intended detoxing to be a daily thing from many foods. The vitamins and minerals in organic foods not only supply the needed nutrients for daily health, but they provide enzymes, and elements that can prevent serious illnesses. Organic foods also help in eliminating toxins that are just "hanging around."

Organic Meat.

Q: I have trouble finding "organic" meats, but I do my best to buy bison, 93% lean beef, air-chilled poultry, ground turkey breast, organic eggs, and sometimes ostrich. It bothers me that I'm eating all organic outside of my protein sources, and when I eat the protein I'm still ingesting pesticides because the "animals" weren't eating organic. I heard the pesticides are stored mostly in the fat of the animals, so I try to keep them lean as possible.

The one thing I still eat every day is canned sardines. I haven't researched the effects of eating "canned" fish (aluminum ingestion?). I just read from "Eden's" site that they pack their "beans" in lead free tin covered steel cans coated with an oleoresinous C- enamel lining that does not contain bisphenol A (I don't know what this means but do you think I should be looking for sardines packed in cans like this?) I would "love" to buy fresh salmon (my favorite!) but it's a little pricey at WF. My grocery bill is usually between $150 to $200 a week already (and I'm buying just for me)!!!

A: My food expenses are similar. Sadly, we have to pay dearly for quality foods in the USA. If you are craving the sardines, then enjoy them as the Mediterranean's do; just keep a check on how your body is digesting the sodium, yet this is sea salt so you should benefit greatly from this as a brain nutrient.

Natural Shampoo.

Q: I no longer use "hygiene products." I wash my hair with organic apple cider vinegar and water. Is this OK?

A: Pure soaps and shampoos from organic brands are good to use, too. Try ordering on-line from LUSH. They have a great shampoo called BIG. It's all natural and will last forever. I actually wash my entire body with BIG.

Coconut Oil as Lotion.

Q: I use "organic extra virgin coconut oil" as a replacement for face and body lotion after I wash and as a toothpaste (I have never had a cavity in my life!), and as a replacement for sun block. Have you ever heard of this before?

A: These are excellent choices. Cold pressed olive oil is a good choice for natural body lotion, too. I have not heard about using coconut oil as a toothpaste though. I'm sure that tastes awesome, too. And if you have NO cavities... well, that's a testimony. Check out my Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I eat it right out of the jar and I give it to my dogs. Yummy stuff and so very healthy for you.

Safe Cosmetics.

Q: I never wear makeup unless there's a special occasion, and I never paint my fingernails. Am I being paranoid? Do you have a safe make-up that you recommend?

A: I am the same way - I don't need to wear make-up and I have never painted my nails. My skin, hair and nails look great in their natural state, and I am grateful for that!

This is a key - when you are healthy, you shouldn't need to wear make-up. When your fingernails are healthy and white, they look beautiful NOT painted.

You know, in other countries, women are considered beautiful without being skinny, coloring their hair, or painting their nails. Consider Italy and the Scandinavian countries - women are naturally gorgeous in these countries. They look beautiful without dieting and trying to be "skinny", their hair, skin and nails are naturally beautiful, they have a twinkle in their eye and a rose in their cheeks.

We have gotten so far off-base in America in many ways. Beauty should not only be from within, but real beauty comes from a natural lifestyle and a healthy and positive environment.

Keep up the good work - you sound naturally healthy, and naturally happy!

The Best In Health,

Janet Hull

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