Splenda Lawsuit Update

Well, here is the latest update concerning the lawsuit filed by the sugar industry against Johnson & Johnson and the misleading advertising from their Splenda marketers. It looks good for the Splenda opposition at the moment, but let's hope that the consumers are the ones who come out winners in the end.

12.21.07, 5:56 PM ET
Federal Judge Issues New Rulings in Splenda Suit; Another Setback for Splenda Manufacturers

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A federal court judge in Los Angeles cleared the way for attorneys for the Sugar Association to pursue questions about the potential health effects of the widely used chemical sweetener Splenda.

District Court Judge Dale S. Fischer denied Johnson & Johnson's request for a summary judgment designed to avoid presentation of the health issues during the upcoming trial. Judge Fischer said, "McNeil is not entitled to summary judgment," adding that the Sugar Association is free to present "evidence of Splenda's alleged lack of safety to the extent it is relevant to Plaintiffs' Lanham Act claims regarding the healthfulness of Splenda, or any other properly pleaded Lanham Act claim."

A previous motion by Johnson & Johnson seeking to have the entire case thrown out was denied by the court earlier this month. Sugar Association Attorney Adam Fox said, "We are pleased with the Court's decision to permit all of the issues raised in this lawsuit proceed to trial, and look forward to presenting the jury with the truth about Splenda."

This ruling is the latest in a three-year legal confrontation between American sugar farmers and Johnson & Johnson, Splenda's mother ship company. The issue fundamental to this lawsuit is whether Johnson & Johnson's claims that Splenda -- a chemical sweetener containing 3/4 industrial-grade chlorine -- is misleading consumers into believing that Splenda is "Made from Sugar, so It Tastes Like Sugar" and it is "Good for the Whole Family"; claims that have mislead consumers to believe that Splenda is natural and irrefutably healthy to consume. Both of these claims we KNOW (here at the Hullistic Network) are grossly incorrect.

For more information on the lawsuit and the efforts to expose the misleading advertisements about Splenda safety, go to www.TruthAboutSplenda.com
SOURCE The Sugar Association

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