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Phenylalanine Dangers

Q: Is phenylalanine dangerous by itself?

A: As an amino acid in complex form, phenylalanine is a natural protein and safe when combined with other amino acids. But when isolated (extracted) in the lab for manufacturing purposes, phenylalanine becomes toxic to the body. I have written about this in many articles found in my newsletter archives and in my books. It is a complicated answer really, but I can quickly tell you that when found in diet products, phenylalanine is dangerous. Found in complex proteins, it is natural and safe to consume, if you are not PKU, that is.

Safety Testing

Q: They say aspartame is safe because it has been tested so much, so it must be safe. Right?

A: This is an effective way corporations play on their legal rights to make misleading marketing statements. If a product has been tested so much you ask, "it must be safe, right?" Wrong. If a product is really that safe, then why do you have the need to do so many tests??

Plus, a lab rat isn't an accurate test animal for human safety results. Monkeys and guinea pigs are the best animals to compare humans to. Rats and mice produce vitamin C, an antioxidant, in their livers, which helps them fight toxins due to their natural immune responses. The monkey and guinea pig do not produce vitamin C in the liver, just like the human does not. So the rat studies should all be thrown out - it is no accurate way to tell how much is too much for a human. All the monkey studies were stopped in the 1960s, however, due to animal abuse issues because they all died from seizures and brain tumors, cancer, and nerve disorders when used to test aspartame. Yes, you read right! The monkeys ALL died, so the tests were stopped on primates and switched to rodents.

Also, take into consideration a child, a fetus, an elderly human, someone who is ill - how do you "regulate" a safe dose in the lab under these circumstances. You can't.

Bottom line, if a product, ANY product, has been recorded by a consumer to cause health damage to humans, then that product should be pulled from the market, and at the very least labeled as causing damage during public use.

I hope this helps.

Hair Testing

Q: I would like to use your hair testing services for my son who is 10 years old and has a history of hyperactivity and anxiety. But I wanted to find out more about any mineral deficiencies not just heavy metals. Does this testing show nutritional deficiency also?

A: Yes, the hair analysis tests for essential element deficiencies. Visit this hair analysis case study and view the essential elements the hair analysis tests for, in addition to the toxic metals.

Agave As A Sweetener

Q: Do you have any opinion or findings regarding the use of Agave as a sweetener? Dr. Oz, author of the bestseller "You On a Diet", endorses it. Thank you.

A: I think pure Agave is wonderful and I see nothing wrong with it; just remember to make sure it is in a pure form and not manufactured in any way. So many issues occur with natural sweetener safety as soon as manufacturers get their hands on them - they alter them and then if reactions occur, they blame the sweetener, NOT the manufacturing processing. And, make sure to use minimal amounts of any added sweeteners. Try to use the natural sweetness of organic foods whenever possible.

I wish Oprah (or Dr. Oz) would have a segment on the dangers of artificial sweeteners, but at least she has gotten some good alternatives like Agave mentioned on her show.

Wishing you the best in health.

Your Books

Q: Where can I get your two books, The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet, and the Body PH Balancing manual? Can I order them through your website?

A: You can order my various books online by going to my book section. Sweet Poison, Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? and The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet are all available on amazon.com, and we are currently getting my Detoxification Program on amazon.com as well. It should be up on amazon.com by February 2008.

I write my books to be like textbooks (but fun to read!) to help educate the public about the various health issues no one teaches you about. This is great information that I have researched from archives around the world. I write my books to be resources and guides for you to use for years to come - always remembering that natural health and wellness is basic knowledge from centuries of a balanced relationship between man and nature.

Enjoy the read! And send me your book copies and I'll autograph them for you.

All the best in health,

Janet Hull

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