Nasal Meds - Up Your Nose

On January 29-31, 2008 in London, the 4th Annual Drug Delivery Conference will be held examining the newest techniques for drug delivery and offering ways for companies to "maximize their business potential ." Hum... are we witnessing the next generation of medications and new ways the pharmaceutical companies can sustain their profits, or are we watching unfold a search for better, long-term solutions to health and wellness?

As you read this article, pay close attention to the conference topics - do they emphasize profit versus health for your child or elderly parent? Do they focus on how to avoid lawsuits rather than how to prevent future human disease? Is anyone speaking at this conference that is not a pharmaceutical rep?

When I read this conference brochure, my first thought was that we have yet another unnatural drug entering the body in more potent ways. This, in turn, means the drug side effects will increase and intensify, and the adverse reactions to these new nasal drugs will become even more prevalent. I was also disappointed in how little concern was expressed in how patients may react to these more potent medications and that disease prevention was never considered.

Obviously, drug delivery is changing and the pharmaceutical companies are now looking at ways to enhance drug delivery through nasal administration - yes, up your nose! This medical methodology provides a new role that nanotechnology will play in targeted drug delivery. These technological advances will allow faster delivery of medications to target sites in your body and they will enhance drug absorption inside your body, as well as extend the drug action making the drugs more potent. Eee gads!

This sounds wonderful if you are in the medical or pharmaceutical fields, but if you want to avoid future drug reactions, don't forget that most drugs are extremely toxic to the body, and please don't forget about the long list of dangerous side effects created by said drugs. This also means that the side effects will become more immediate and much more dangerous when the drugs go up your nose.

Consider the side effects of some RA meds (rheumatoid arthritis) - the side effects state they can cause some cancers. Yes, I said SOME CANCERS. OK, so now we increase the chances of "some cancers" by escalating the delivery system and potency of the drugs that cause them. Some antidepressants have side effects of depression and suicide. Again, we increase the chances of more immediate depression and suicide by taking an antidepressant drug up the nose.

The drug companies state that by considering the commercial effects of this new emerging technology, businesses will be able to increase the viability of their products, their business relationships and investments for their future. The conference in London will show companies how to do this and will answer questions such as," Do I choose new technology or a proven approach? Should I reposition as a specialty pharma? At what stage do I apply drug delivery to development projects?" Any mention of how this affects the health of humans or what to do in the case of serious side effects? Nope.

Key presentations will be from industry leaders such as:
- Dr Hans Lindner, Head Drug Product Development & Industrialization, Schwarz Pharma
- Dr Frank Grams, Global Head of Drug Delivery Partnering, Roche
- Dr Joel Richard, Director, Pharmaceutical Development, Merck-Serono
- Dr Stefan Bassarab, Director of Pharmaceutical Development, Boehringer-Ingelheim
- Dr Tim Sparey, Associate Director, Merck
- Matthew Roe, Senior Director, Genzyme
- Alan Palmer, CEO, Pharmidex
- Dr Sebastian Kaerger, Principal Scientist, Novartis
- Dr Oliver Stauch, F-Hoffman La Roche

As written on the brochure, this 3-day event in London will highlight successful real-life strategies for improving business development, how to increase the value from collaborative partnerships, and how to better achieve commercialization in today's pharmaceutical market. It will provide the attendees with a better understanding of "novel" drug delivery systems, new emerging drug delivery technologies, and the different partnership models and options to make money. Any mention of how to better help patients heal or how to prevent disease? Nope.

As outlined on the brochure, by attending this conference you will:
- Consider how to find the appropriate device development partner
- Gain an understanding of how to effectively apply emerging technologies to your products
- Evaluate how to prepare to evolve from a drug delivery to a specialty pharma company and forming new partnerships with big pharma
- Explore practical methods for pre-clinical assessment of the efficacy, toxicity and mechanism of action of selected polymers
- Examine ways to de-risk when delivery technology is applied in early development
- Analyze how to smoothly transfer from research to development by pre-formulation and analytical support

Any mention of how to better diagnose the patient or how to identify harmful side effects of these new drugs? Nope.

The conference does emphasize the following key themes, however:
- Gain an overview of the latest trends in methods of drug delivery
- Gain advice on how to make successful regulatory submissions, convincing the payer of the efficacy and safety of novel drug delivery avenues
- Discuss innovative methods for identifying profitable candidates for product development
- Hear about the latest technologies and use this information to understand how to meet the key unmet needs in the drug delivery sector
- Extend a product's life cycle by drug reformulation and novel methods of drug delivery
- Understand the regulatory issues regarding drug delivery
- Learn to identify successful outsourcing partners through criteria developed by industry experts
- Best practice advice on managing a drug delivery alliance, with recommendations on contractual arrangements, aligning business goals and making the most of shared strengths
- Network with key industry players, forming business-critical relationships and alliances

Here is a quote from the conference brochure: "Whether you are a solution provider, prospective partner or an investor, the 4th Annual Drug Delivery Systems conference will address the topics you care about, and provide you with the answers you need to speed your decision making process."

Referencing the above "topics you care about", there is no mention of improving human health, lessening suffering and lowering the costs of medical care or drugs. Nope.

During the conference, there will be an interactive workshop on "How to Litigate Drug Delivery Patents." Some of these conference topics will include:

Successful outsourcing of drug delivery development
- The Dos and Taboos in outsourcing drug deli

Extending product life cycle through novel drug delivery systems
- Assessing potential revenues gains by implementing novel drug delivery techniques

How to please the payer
- Overview of methods of assessing clinical effectiveness and value for money
- Strategies for incorporating clinical and cost effectiveness considerations in to an early stage of the drug development cycle

Getting to market: registering, protecting and exploiting your invention
- Specific issues: Pediatric Regulation and Orphan Drug designation

siRNA as a therapeutic modality: delivery is the key
- Delivery to peripheral organs such as the lung and eye is already possible

Controlled release of proteins
- Oral Delivery of macro-molecules
- Coated nano or micro-particles protect against the GI tract

Cerense: a breakthrough in CNS drug delivery
- The BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) is a major obstacle for CNS drug discovery
- Assessing BBB penetration
- Temporarily and reversibly opening tight junctions at the BBB using oligoglycerolipids

Challenges surrounding inhaled drug formulation development in industry
- Challenges for the drug delivery to the lung
- Regulatory and scientific requirements during formulation development

Technical considerations for protein drug formulation
- Molecular instabilities
- Storage and shipment
- Interaction with various packaging

Targeting CNS disorders using nasal drug delivery
- The advantages of nasal drug delivery
- Dealing with specific regulatory requirements of nasal sprays
- Potential therapeutic targets - Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, pain, Parkinson's

Methods for crossing the blood-brain barrier
- When will the time for novel brain drug delivery systems arise?
- Methods for permeating the blood-brain barrier
- Delivery of macro-molecular drugs to the brain

Identifying candidates for clinical trials and later phase development
- Identifying suitable pharmacokinetic profiles

Deciding when to outsource
- Management strategies for external drug delivery

Hum, interesting. But no mention of human health reactions, keeping costs down, or possible lethal side-effects. Nope.

I will definitely be at this conference to learn what not to do and how to avoid the side effects of these very powerful and dangerous drugs that will be pushing toxins (with even more force now) into the brain and deeper into body tissues.

What's the holistic alternative to these new nasal drugs?? Prevention of course, and up your nose prevention! If you don't live near the ocean for the ambient sea salt or an occasional healthy head-dunk in the salt water, sniff 1-tablespoon sea salt dissolved into 1-cup warm water into your nose once or twice daily. This balances the pH in your nose, which kills microbes and germs that enter the body via the nasal passages.

We all know now, thanks to the pharmaceutical industry and conferences such as this one in London, that the nose is an effective way to get drugs into the blood and into the brain. The question is: which chemicals do you want up your nose and in your brain?

For more information on this medical conference, email:

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