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Why Not Use Bentonite Clay Instead of French Green Clay?

Q: A number of "naturopaths" recommend Bentonite clay. I took quite a bit earlier this year---it did not do me any favors! How much French Green Clay should I take and for how long, do you think? My hair analysis showed me to be high in uranium.

A: The French Green Clay will surely address that uranium, and interestingly, over 95% of my clients from CA, AZ and NM are toxic in uranium, and you live in AZ. Uranium comes from military bases, industry, subsurface strata and fracture zones. You may want to keep the FGC on the shelf, if exposure is chronic. Use the clay for at least 3 months, and then have another hair test done in 4-5 months to see what degree of exposure is going on. You may literally be living and working above a uranium bed. It is in the ground in AZ, for sure. We used to mine uranium from your area when I worked for Sun Oil Company in the 1980s.

If your uranium levels are up, then the metal is inside your body. Hopefully the next hair analysis will show us your levels are substantially down. Then we'll know it is coming out of you and no current exposure is taking place.

The reason I know so much about the healing clays is due to my geology background. We used to plug pipe holes with bentonite clay when drilling oil wells. We'd hose the bentonite down the drill pipes to plug holes in the pipe because this clay hardens and casts to prevent porosity and liquid flowing through. Not good for the internal human body - who wants their holes plugged? Use the clays that powder and do not cast.

Let me know how you are doing!!

A Few Questions On The Effects of Aspartame

Q: Comments: I am a student at Indiana University and I am preparing a speech on the effects of aspartame. Since I am not an expert on the subject, I felt that I should contact someone for some insight. If you could answer a few short questions I would greatly appreciate it.

The FDA claims that aspartame is made from natural building blocks of
protein (aspartic acid and phenylalanine) as well as methanol - which they say is found "naturally in the body." If the ingredients are so natural, what makes them harmful?

A: But remember, these ingredients used to actually manufacture aspartame are not natural in source. They are replicated in the lab using synthetic chemicals. Just because something exists in nature, doesn't mean it is safe to eat. This is a grey area that marketers use to "mislead" the consumer. This is the main point behind the lawsuits against Splenda. The marketers are making the consumer believe Splenda is natural because it is made from sugar. This is lawfully correct, but they have removed 3 out of 4 sugar atoms in the sucrose molecule, leaving only one sugar atom while replacing the other natural atoms with 3 chlorine atoms. That's 3 out of 4 parts chlorine. Not natural sugar.

With aspartame, they do not extract the amino acids from milk and bananas and then inject them into a vat of aspartame. No, these amino acids are man-made replicas and cheaper forms of these molecules (probably petroleum based), and they are of NO nutritional value to the body. Hence, they accumulate as toxins.

Q: The FDA's regulations state that the acceptable daily intake for aspartame is 50 milligrams per kilogram body weight - almost 20 cans of diet soda. Is this reasonable?

A: Again, this is another way corporations play on their legal rights to make marketing statements. The FDA decides upon a safe consumption minimum, but does not consider accumulation of the multiple sources of aspartame throughout the day. A lab rat isn't an accurate test animal for humans, anyway. The rat produces the antioxidant vitamin C in its liver, which helps fight toxins through natural immunity. Monkeys and guinea pigs are the best test animals for human purposes because just like the human, they do not produce vitamin C in the liver. So, the rat studies should all be discredited - no accurate way to tell how much is too much for a human. However in the 1960s, the aspartame monkey studies were stopped due to animal abuse issues; all the monkeys died from seizures and brain tumors, cancer, and nerve disorders. Yes, you read right. The monkeys ALL died, so the tests were stopped on primates and switched to rats.

As I previously mentioned, no testing for human consumption of anything is accurate when done on a rat - ever - accept for rat diseases.

Also, take into consideration a child, a fetus, an elderly human, anyone who is ill - how do you "regulate" a safe dose under these circumstances? You can't.

Bottom line, Amanda, if a product, ANY product, has been recorded by a consumer to cause adverse health reactions and body damage to humans, then that product should be immedaitely pulled from the market, and at the very least labeled as causing damage during human use.

I hope this helps.

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