Pass Farts Nutritionally

Some people can knock a person over with their flatulence. Does your pet have a gas problem so overwhelming, you're rolling down windows? If this is a problem for you (or your pet), supplement with enzymes to break down those gas bubbles.

Enzymes break down into smaller molecules the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats from processed foods. The smaller molecules move more easily into the intestinal cells, into the blood, on to the liver and throughout the body. With enzymes, you absorb and use more of the nutrients in your food, and less offensive gas is passed. This may be a blessing on all fronts for you and Fido.

At one time, live enzymes were present in high concentrations in our food, but with corporate and chemical farming, this is no longer the norm. In addition to having fewer enzymes in our foods, most enzymes are destroyed when food is stored for a long time or highly processed. These days, it's necessary to add enzymes to our diets and to our pet's food.

Veterinarians recommend the Super E-12 Enzymes from Cell Tech® for animals. You may want to switch your pet's food to a brand that has no chemicals, dyes, hormones, fillers or additives that irritate the intestines and increase gas formation. Hey, what's good for your pet is best for the human. I recommend a healthy digestive enzyme for the pet and pet owner if farting is a problem after meals.

Enzyme Tips:

  • Purchase for human consumption an enzyme containing both upper (papain, HCL) and lower (amylase, lactase, etc.) digestive enzymes. I recommend our "house brand" enzymes from Empirical Labs offering both plant sources and animal sources of enzymes, KAL® Super Enzymes, NOW Super Enzymes, and Wobenzym-N. Veterinarians recommend Cell Tech's Super E-12 Enzymes for pets.
  • It is best to take digestive enzymes AFTER a meal to encourage the digestive juices to produce on their own. If taken after a meal, the body will not develop a dependency on them.
  • Wobenzym - N is an enzyme exception because it is not an exclusive stomach enzyme, but a body enzyme. So, it should be taken (by humans) 45 minutes before or 45 minutes after eating.
  • It is best not to drink liquids while eating a meal to allow the digestive juices in the saliva to begin the first stages of digestion. Drinking while eating washes the initial enzymes out of the mouth before they have a chance to begin the digestion process. (Notice your pet doesn't drink while eating.)
  • Acidophilus - Two Billion Live Friendly Bacteria - in powder or liquid form five mornings a week upon waking, flattens the tummy and aids in reducing flatulence.

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