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Q: Dr Hull, I have been on the detox for about 2 months now and am wondering about the niacin dosage. During the first week I got up to 200 mg and had some kidney discomfort. I backed off to 150 for 3 days and everything was ok. During the following period, I have now gotten up to 350 mg and am experiencing very infrequent flushing. Occasionally I will get some tingling, but when the flush hits it will hit with "viga." This morning I am flushing to the point it feels like a burn. The flush usually lasts for 30-45 minutes. I took niacin some years back for a cholesterol problem and I flushed almost immediately. Is there too high a dosage? I am increasing the dosage by 50 mg every three days or so because I don't like the kidney problem. I feel the detox is working because I notice some subtle changes in my skin tone and attitude about life in general. I'm now starting to take an interest in things I used to do everyday. I already plan on have a re-test in 6 months from the start of detox. Thanks for all of your input and congratulations on your new book.

A: Niacin is an awesome vitamin. It cleans the blood of toxins, fat, and an alkaline pH. It thins the blood as well, and can make the pores of your skin smaller, making your skin smooth. The levels of niacin you require may change day by day depending on the toxins in your blood at that time. But if you merely increase the dosage by 50 to 100 mg, then the body won't have too much niacin at one time. I never recommend going above 1,500 mg in one 24-hour period. A general rule of thumb - if you have more toxins than niacin in the blood, you will not feel a flush. But if you have more niacin than toxins (and niacin is left over once toxins are removed) then you will feel a flush. Gauge the strength of the flush to the dosage you take. And remember to always purchase a natural form of niacin that is not flush free, as these forms have been altered in the laboratory and can be toxic to the liver because they are designed to remain in the liver an unnatural length of time.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Aspartame and MS

Q: Hi. For the past two years I have had MS symptoms. After every test known to man, and 2 neurologists, 2 cardiologists, and a hematologist, no one knows what is wrong. One of the PT doctors I had seen at the start of all of this had mentioned aspartame poisoning. At that time I put it on the back burner, but now perhaps he may have been correct after all. I do consume about 2-3 diet drinks a day and I used Sweet' N Low in my coffee and tea for at least the past 12 years. My question that I cannot get answered is (and I am a nurse): how do you know for sure? Are there any blood tests that can be done? All of the doctors I have come across know nothing about this. How can I find a doctor in my area that is educated on this matter? Please enlighten me on this.

Signed thoroughly confused and aggravated.

A: There is a lot of good information on the Internet about aspartame dangers, and the concerns about sucralose (Splenda) safety. My first book, SWEET POISON, is also a great reference for the documentation on aspartame dangers. Dr. Richard Blaylock has published work on aspartame and MS. The best thing to do is BELIEVE this issue is real, and stay open-minded to the reality that corporate profit has dominated your health. But, hopefully, this will end someday soon, and the truth about these toxic food chemicals will come forth.

Hope this helps.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Niacin and your liver

Q: I just want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your radio interview this afternoon concerning the affects of aspartame. (Unfortunately, I m not aware of the station s name in the Washington DC area.) Earlier this year, to lose weight after the birth of my second child, I began the South Beach Diet. It has worked very well for me. However, I began adding something to my diet that I had cut out years ago, due to the
very purposes you discussed. Diet sodas.

I'd never had to worry about my weight very much until last year, and with my love for an occasional soft drink, I thought more of the high-carb count and weight gain possibilities of a regular soda vs. the low-carb count of a diet drink. Subsequently, I failed to remember the fact that I did not like feeding my body artificial sweeteners! Needless to say, I m no longer adding aspartame to my body. (I never even touch saccharin.)

However, as I listened to you, I thought of stevia and my own personal concerns about it. Years ago, I had tried it and suffered mild headaches and returned to regular sugar. Perhaps after reading your research about it here on your website, I will try it again in lesser amounts. Thank you again for your research and insight, and also thank you for getting me back to good ol' fashioned water. I drank my last soft drink today!

I will be starting your detox program soon. Very excited about it. I was wondering though about Niacin. I have had mildly elevated liver enzymes (ALT) for years and they are actually coming down since I changed my diet a year ago. They had been in the high 50s and as of last February they were at 49, with the normal being between 5 and 42, I believe.

Do you think I would be ok by including the niacin in the program, as I have reservations as to it increasing my ALT. Any info would be appreciated. Would you recommend a replacement for the niacin? I have all the other products ready to go except the niacin.

A: I appreciate your interest in my program, and feel it will only enhance your health as it has done for many, including myself. Your question about the niacin is most valid, and to some degree, correct. But, the niacin in small gentle doses will clean the blood without harming the liver. Liver damage does occur when: 1) too much niacin is taken, 2) when Flush-Free forms of niacin are used. These have been altered in the lab and can be quite toxic to the liver. B3 is found in the B-Complex in a small amount, and also in grains, nuts, some red wines. I suggest taking only 50 mg and then see if the liver enzymes have altered at your next blood test. Also, eat liver or take dissecated liver tablets to restore liver cells.

Thanks for your email. All the best with the program.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Salt and Splenda

Q: Thank you for getting back with me on my questions and comments. You say chlorine is bad in any form. How about salt-sodium chloride. Do you suggest we stop eating salt?

A: Yes, I do. Salt from any form other than from plants is not for animal ingestion. That's why we don't drink salt water. Sodium should be ingested in plant form only.

Q: I read a lot of health books, reading about one a month. I believe you are the first person to say salt is bad for you. Now this makes me wonder, what do you know that no one else knows. This leaves me with a few questions. What plants can we eat that contain salt? Can I get plant derived salt from the health food store? Have you written any books that cover this subject? I would like to read them. I am always open minded about new information on health.

I'm not trying to be funny. I just don't understand. My wife and I have been eating Splenda for about four years, in everything. We go through one of the large sacks in about two weeks. We have never experienced any problems. I know everybody is different. Some people can eat something once and get sick and another can eat the same thing for years and not have any problems.

A: Most people using diet sweeteners do not "see" the health damage until years later, as it's hard to get a peek inside the body. We see it when the reaction becomes an outward experience diagnosed as illness. By this time, the body has been saturated with foreign chemicals and has sent the signal for help.

I have written many articles about this, but have two books coming out next year on the dangers of diet sweeteners, and there is a chapter on the dangers of salt. Just remember, there is a difference between "salt" and natural "sodium."

Q: I have read a lot of bad things about Splenda, but discounted them. I have a granddaughter who is ADHD, accent on the H. I have recommended using Splenda to my daughter to get away from sugar, which really affects my granddaughter. The same day I received your reply, my daughter was talking to her doctor about using Splenda for her daughter to keep her off sugar and the doctor said she should not give her daughter Splenda, as it was bad for her. So, I guess your reply and hearing what my daughter's doctor said, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. My wife and I have stopped using Splenda. We have been off the stuff for a week now and we both feel much better. I have BPH and I have found that my symptoms have greatly, and I do mean greatly, diminished. We are going to try Stevia.


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