Q&A – The Truth About Aspartame Research + Research Links

Q: I’m emailing because I’ve been doing independent research on aspartame, and much of the data I’m finding related to the subject is showing that there is no causality relationship between aspartame and negative health effects, which is contrary to what you speak of so passionately. I just wanted to get your take on some […]

Open Wide – Dentists For Aspartame Q&A

Q: Are you aware that the UK Dental Consultants are actually PUSHING and PROMOTING aspartame, the diet sweeteners, and sugar substitutes! ? They are telling patients that “100% organic natural” sugar is BAD for you! My daughter said that she would cut out the sugar in her hot drinks altogether, but the Dental Consultant actually said, […]

Two Awesome Aspartame Q&As

Is Aspartame Hidden Under Other Labels? Q:  Are sucralose, sorbitol, maltodextrin, xylitol, and mannitol other names for aspartame? From Dr. Hull A:  No. Sucralose is Splenda. Sorbitol, xylitol and mannitol are fruit alcohols that are sweet (but very concentrated), and maltodextrin is used in 99.9% of everything with added sugar as an anti-caking agent to keep sugars from getting hard and clumpy in whatever […]

Ask Dr. Hull

Q: Exposing The Dangers Of Aspartame How can one persuade people and governments about the evil and danger of aspartame? A: From Dr. Hull Sadly, if our governments have not done anything about the proven dangers of aspartame by now, they are not going to. The only way this issue will come down is through lawsuits filed by consumers. What most […]

Ask Dr. Hull

Q: In Need Of Brain Nutrients I am in the process of researching a small number of brain supplements that will help me protect and nurture my brain…I am a DAV WWII veteran and have had a number of years of PTSD treatments. I am in reasonably good health, and I only take one medicine, […]

Testing For Mold Q&A

  Dr. Hull, I have a strong feeling that mold and mold spores have played a major role in my poor physical condition. Will a hair analysis show anything for this? Have a great day. From Dr. Hull Microbes do not produce an inorganic waste that excretes into the hair, which is one reason why […]

Pancreatitis in 16 Year Old Dog Q&A

Q: Would you transition a 16 year old dog with pancreatitis to a raw diet? Thank you. A: Ah, I am sorry about your dog. But, Hat’s Off to you for choosing alternative and natural ways to keep your baby happy and comfortable. You can introduce raw foods into her diet, but if she has not been used to raw […]

Aspartame and OLP

Hello Janet, I hope this mail finds you in good health. I stumbled across your website when doing some research into oral lichen planus and the possible triggers to the OLP; my wife has only recently contracted the OLP. When doing research into the condition, I realised that there were various doctors and experts in the field that reccomended cutting out artificial […]

Pollen Allergy In A Child Q&A

Q: How would you handle pollen allergy in a 14 year old girl? A: Pollen allergies are typically live proteins that are not being “digested” by the body. ( And, yes, digestion even takes place within your nasal cavities.) Hence, the proteins stay alive, they irritate the nasal passages, and eventually get sucked into the head and eyes. […]

Toe Fungus Q&A

Q: How do you treat/kill toe nail fungus? A: The OTC topical creams really do work, so use that when needed. Then, dig deeper to determine if you have yeast or fungus inside of you that is exacerbated by moisture in the shoe or sock. This may be your signal that there is a deeper issue brewing. Investigate Candida […]