A Zero Calorie Treat For Your Zero Calorie Diet

Stack of chocolate slices with mint leaf on a wooden table.

Do you like chocolate mint candies? Whether you are watching your carbs, trying to lose weight, or monitoring your blood sugar – here’s an amazing zero calorie treat for a zero calorie diet. And, it only has 2 ingredients. And, it tastes just like chocolate mint candy. My Zero Calorie Treat This recipe is all […]

Try This All-Natural, Home-Made Deodorant Recipe

Cartoon smiling chef with blank menu paper in hands

I can’t take credit for this home-made deodorant recipe. I cut and pasted it as opposed to sharing it from Facebook – the numerous advertisements on the original article were insane. Boo advertisements. They are so distracting.  This deodorant recipe is from realfarmacy.com. Deodorant Recipe Ingredients: 6-8 Tbsp coconut oil (solid state) 1/4 cup baking soda 1/4 cup […]

Two Awesome Summer Recipes

Lemon Poppy Seed Summer Squash Loaf cut into slices on a cutting board

Here are two really good recipes for the summer months. Remember that you can alter these to fit your individual diet, so experiment adding, or removing, any ingredients that you want. Tomato Pie (click for the recipe) by The Southern Lady Tomato pie is a great way to use up those fresh tomatoes from the garden. […]

Do Some Prevention Before You Fill That Prescription

Calcium supplement pills piled on metal spoon closeup

Modern meds. Are they over-used? Over-prescribed? Over-abused? Most of us realize that medications are not what they used to be. Be cautious and do your homework when your doc pulls out his pen and med-pad. Do some prevention before you fill that prescription. Antibiotics When antibiotics came onto the scene, they were miracle drugs – really. […]

Detoxing From Summer

Detox from the chemicals you are exposed to in the summer.

The summer heat may still be blazing for many of you, but autumn will be here before you know it. Now is a good time to detox from your summer fun. Ice cream. Colas. Beer. Outdoor barbecues. Chips and dip. Bug spray. Theme parks. Sunscreen. Family reunions. Cruises. Sound familiar? Before you or the kids start school, take advantage […]

Why Vaccines Were Safe – Back In The Day

CIRCA 1950s: An antique photo shows four women in white coats, USSR, circa 1950s

Through social media, I have observed that most people do not like posts about vaccines. This puzzles me because health and wellness is connected to vaccines. Soooo, do me a favor and keep reading. Humor me. Back in the day, vaccines were a game changer. They were new discoveries that advanced societies. They were composed of […]

Join Me On Pyramid One Network Radio

A picture of a globe with headphones on them.

I love granting radio interviews. I was raised a film brat, so hand me a mic, and I’m ready to go. I’ve been granting radio and television interviews about aspartame and the diet sweeteners since 1997.  As one of the world’s foremost artificial sweetener experts, I have fun exposing information about aspartame, Splenda, saccharin, and stevia – information […]

How To Stay Healthy If The Lights Go Out

candle flame in the darkness

What would you do if the electricity went out for a week or so? One of the caveats of my work is blending my experience as an environmental engineer with holistic nutrition. The two disciplines mix perfectly. Unforeseen events or natural disasters are not the product of tin-foil hatters. Preparing for the future is the product of very […]

The Forbidden Vitamin B15

An Asian girl with her hand in front of her mouth keeping a secret.

Today, it seems more laws are being passed for the stupidest things. It amazes me that natural vitamins are the victims of many of these laws, especially vitamins that help prevent disease such as cancer. B15 Vitamin B15, also known as Pangamic Acid, is one of the most controversial vitamins in America, and believe it or not, it was removed […]

How To Be A Healthy Spin Doctor in 2016

A Virginia license plate with SPYNDOC on it

If I start this article off with current events and hash tags from 2015 like disease, epidemics, vaccines, GMOs, corruption, FDA, Big Pharma – well – it leaves me with a heavy-feeling, and a loss of joy and hope. But, if I spin this article with words for 2016 like health, positive changes, self-empowerment, happiness, and good-times; this […]