To Eat Or Not To Eat – Breakfast, I Mean

Do you eat breakfast, or do you skip it as you run out of the door to sit in traffic every morning? There are many various opinions circulating around about whether you should eat breakfast, or not. If you have a good diet and eat raw, fresh, organic (when possible), and maintain this as a lifestyle, […]

Food Remedy Series – Broccoli: A Green Machine Used For Cancer Prevention And Weight Loss

How many of you grew up hearing “Eat your broccoli!” I did. I hated broccoli. Oh, if only I knew then what I know today about this powerful vegetable. Health Benefits First cultivated in Italy, broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable from a flowering plant family that includes cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and kale. Broccoli is […]

Why I Recommend Saccharin

I grew up with a father who dropped a tiny white pellet into his coffee every morning. That tiny pellet was saccharin, a sweetener daddy first started using in India during WWII in the 1940s. Saccharin was brought to India from China, where it was made from a plant root. Back then (like today), the amount of saccharin […]

Avoid The Carbs To Control Blood Sugar Spikes

A carb is a carb is a carb. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fiber carb or a sugar carb – if your blood sugar is spiking, avoid all the carbs. I know, I know … this isn’t easy because it seems that everything is a carb these days. But, it is easier than you think to avoid […]

Have You Ever Heard Of An Accidental Incidence?

Have you ever been to a holiday party at your office, school, or at your neighbor’s house where everyone brings a potluck dish or a special holiday dessert? Holiday parties are fun – it’s always great to see good friends and family, and how lucky we all are to have a buffet of food during celebrations, from salads […]

My Favorite Sweetener Is No Sweetener At All

I am often asked the question, “What do I use as a safe sweetener?” My answer is “nothing.” Don’t add any extra sweetness to your foods, at all. Natural foods are naturally sweet, and your body knows how to process natural sugars without negative ramifications. We all need some sucrose for fuel, and your best solution is […]

Why Vaccines Were Safe – Back In The Day

Through social media, I have observed that most people do not like posts about vaccines. This puzzles me because health and wellness is connected to vaccines. Soooo, do me a favor and keep reading. Humor me. Back in the day, vaccines were a game changer. They were new discoveries that advanced societies. They were composed of […]

A Healthy Krill Meal Deal

Have you ever heard of the health benefits of krill? Well, krill has been around forever, and it is an awesome healthy food source. Krill are thumb-sized shrimp crustaceans floating in huge numbers within the ocean. They are eaten by whales, penguins, seals, and fish. Krill oil is extracted from these shrimp to provide healthy […]

Hypoglycemia Affects Your Health More Than You Think

You may have felt the effects of low blood sugar when you’ve gotten really hungry, skipped a meal, or exercised hard without eating enough. This happens to nearly everyone from time to time. Do you get hungry every morning around 10:00 AM? Do you slow down around 2:00 in the afternoon? Do you get snarky […]

How Stevia Helps Diabetics

Stevia has been used for centuries in other countries to treat diabetes. At the very least, to prevent it, which is one reason people in other countries do not suffer with the increase in diabetes like we see in the US. Stevia has been used among the indigenous people of Paraguay and other South American countries […]