Eat In Halves And Lose Weight

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Most people I know are watching their weight – no matter if they need to or not. The weight loss trend is a multi-billion dollar industry – from diet sodas to personal trainers to lap-band surgery and tummy tucks. But, did you know that weight loss can be as easy as eating the right type of foods, and here’s the key […]

Don’t Be Sold A Can Of Diet Propaganda

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I have to admit that I fussed with edit after edit before posting my reply to this insane article on because my emotions were running high, and I was all over the map. How much more disappointment can we take reading the continuous propaganda about the supposed safety of aspartame? Not to mention deep sadness at the lack of integrity in the […]

Study Shows Aspartame Causes Memory Loss

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New aspartame research is getting some mainstream media attention, and this is resurrecting some of the old research proving the toxic health effects of aspartame – health dangers that were proven over 30 years ago. I think it is fantastic that these new studies are getting some publicity, but I want to know why haven’t the original studies […]

5,000 Packs Of Aspartame A Week – Aspartame Case History

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Dr. Hull, I am probably about to give you the greatest shock of your life. I’ve been reading your page regarding aspartame poisoning…and I am scared. I consume about 5000 packs of aspartame a week and that does not include 5 diet sodas daily and other foods with aspartame. I have been consuming this amount for about 5 years […]

The Top 10+ Aspartame Symptoms

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Have you ever gone to your doctor with mysterious health symptoms that keep popping up out of the blue? Over time, they just don’t go away. Your doctor gives you another prescription, you refill it, and swallow down the little pill with an icy diet drink. Darn if your symptoms still don’t go away. Too few medical doctors ask if you are using aspartame, […]

You’ve Gotta Love Your Liver

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Your liver is the largest internal organ in your body, and it houses more blood than your heart. A threat to the health of your liver typically means a threat to your overall health. Your Liver The liver performs a wide variety of vital life functions, and is its own complex system. At this very […]

Losing Weight Starts With Detoxing

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American waistlines are growing. As we eat more chemically adulterated foods, we are getting fatter; our kids are overweight at very young ages, and it’s hard to lose weight. I don’t recommend dieting as a solution – I recommend detoxing as a solution. Fake Versus Natural   First, the artificial sweeteners and processed foods stimulate your taste receptors and keep […]

The Hidden Costs Of Soda

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I recently received this interesting email and video link that I thought I would pass on to you. I always want to remind my readers, however, that turning to “diet drinks” is NOT the solution to avoiding the high sugar content of regular colas. The solution is to avoid ALL colas. If, and when, you do drink a regular […]

Losing Faith In Science – Let’s Kick Corporate Science To The Curb

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Science is different these days. Research isn’t what it used to be. Humanity’s been down this road many times, and the patterns aren’t anything new, but the suppression of scientific findings seems to be worse. Science is at a critical crossroads. Corporate research is silencing independent research to the point that it is threatening our survival; the truth behind real science is […]

Diet Sweeteners Increase Hunger

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Are you or your kids hungry all the time? Maybe you don’t feel satisfied after eating a sugar-free snack or meal. Well, the research shows that diet sweeteners increase hunger. Here’s why you don’t feel full … Cephalic Phase Insulin Response Aspartame has been shown in laboratory studies to create changes in insulin levels called a […]