A Vitamin Discount To Preserve Good Health

Lots of people ask me if I ever recommend the best vitamin brands to buy. Yes, I have my favorites, and I have selected and posted them on The Hullistic Market. These supplement brands can be found on the general market, but if you are busy like me, I easily order them online from iHerbs. Right now, you can […]

Give Your Body A Break – Take A Multi-Vitamin

A common question I am often asked is “If I eat right, why do I need to take a multi-vitamin?” Logical thought. In today’s world, though, we need to give our bodies a break, and that means that we are making sure we are providing all the essential nutrients and trace elements we need to fight pollution, […]

The #1 Thing I Do To Stay Healthy

I have been in the health and wellness business for decades. Actually, I’d say that I was born holistic. As a young kid, I’d never let my mom know if I didn’t feel well; I’d just let my body deal with it on its own. I still do. I rarely get sick, though. My mom […]

Trace Minerals – A Powerful and Stealth Detoxing Tool

Do you take a trace mineral complex? If not, you should because trace minerals are a very powerful detoxing agent – especially for detoxing from radiation. I recommend adding a trace mineral supplement to your vitamin protocol at least 4 times a week. You can get your daily trace minerals by eating a diet rich in these minerals, and by […]

How Germanium In Mushrooms Stimulates Your Health

Did you know that the regular intake of organic germanium may alleviate many health concerns and slow the aging process? In Japan and in Russia, organic germanium is used in alternative cancer therapies because of its ability to modify the body’s biological response to tumors. Germanium is a powerful anti-oxidant, and it’s found in many foods, like […]

What Trace Minerals Do For Your Health

I recommend taking a trace mineral supplement at least 4 times a week to avoid having health issues. Of course, always eat a diet rich in trace minerals, and drink mineral or spring water every day. Just look at what you can avoid by making sure you are not deficient in Nature’s trace minerals. Hey, […]