Does Xylitol Affect ADD/ADHD?

Xylitol seems to be a “favored choice” among the sugar alcohols – especially for food manufacturers. But, is it a good choice for high-energy kids? Xylitol is a simple carb extracted from birch tree pulp. The wood sugar “xylose” was first hydrogenated to produce xylitol in 1891 by the German chemist Emil Fischer. Xylitol has been […]

Xylitol And The Sugar Alcohols Are If-y Trigger Foods

I am asked a lot if the sugar alcohols are safe sweeteners. Well, I am not a fan of sugar alcohols when they have been extracted from their natural sources. With that said, I favor them over aspartame, Splenda, acesulfame-k, or any of the man-made, chemical, fake sugars proven to cause harm to human health. […]