Have You Ever Heard Of An Accidental Incidence?

A group of people partying with hats, food, and party favors.

Have you ever been to a holiday party at your office, school, or at your neighbor’s house where everyone brings a potluck dish or a special holiday dessert? Holiday parties are fun – it’s always great to see good friends and family, and how lucky we all are to have a buffet of food during celebrations, from salads […]

Avoid Flavored Waters – Keep It Real

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Many people admit that they just don’t like the taste of plain water and have a hard time drinking enough water every day. They admit that the flavored waters just taste better. Plus, advertisements recommend flavored water over plain water because the bottled “flavored waters” taste much better and they try to convince you that flavored water is just as healthy. […]

The Sucralose Pepsi® Switch – Is This Really A Better Choice?

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Sometimes I wonder why we still talk about the diet sweeteners. I am amazed that people still use them. You’d think that the word would be out by now, and that the health dangers would be clear. I guess some people don’t want to admit that there is no free ticket to eating all the sugar-free […]

When The Walls Come Tumbling Down Around Monsanto

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Monsanto is having some issues at the moment, and they are long overdue. From National Geographic to Dr. Oz, the known health dangers of many Monsanto products are finally being exposed. Who wins? You, the consumer. Who loses? The Big Corp stockholders and executives; their yearly bonuses are declining. Pepsi® Drops Aspartame In a sudden and very significant […]

How To Detox From The Holiday Sweeteners

A group of people partying with hats, food, and party favors.

It’s the holidays, and many people celebrate at family functions, neighborhood parties, and office get-togethers. This also means that you may be unknowingly exposed to the diet, chemical sweeteners in those wonderful cookies, pies, and sweets that someone else brought to the party. Uh oh. Watch out for health reactions to hidden aspartame in your […]

My Latest Podcast On Diet Sweeteners

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  Here is the link to a recent podcast interview with The Makeover Mentor, Danna Demetre. This podcast is longer than usual, but I think it is well worth your time. Listen while you are driving home in traffic or while you’re doing chores, and maybe the time will fly. Danna and I discussed the dangers of […]

How To Avoid A Halloween Sweetener Hang-Over

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If you celebrate Halloween in your town, this is a great opportunity to teach your children, office workers, or neighbors about healthy versus unhealthy sweeteners. Don’t be surprised that they really are interested – kids today are “getting it”, and more and more adults know that processed chemicals, fake sugars, and heavy, rancid oils give […]

No More Flavored Water For You

Blue plastic bottles of soda water

One of my son’s friends came to my office the other day after working out at the gym. She was complaining of getting headaches after her spin class, and she asked for some advice. She was ready to stop the classes because her headaches only occurred after exercising. She was sipping on a bottle of flavored […]

Advantame® – The Newest Version Of Aspartame – Same Song, Just Another Verse

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The US FDA recently approved the newest version of aspartame – Advantame – a potent vanillin and aspartame-based chemical sweetener from Ajinomoto North America. Aspartame, no matter what it’s called, just won’t go away. Same Song – Another Verse Aspartame has been around since 1965, and it has been marketed in many different ways to […]

Xylitol And The Sugar Alcohols Are If-y Trigger Foods

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I am asked a lot if the sugar alcohols are safe sweeteners. Well, I am not a fan of sugar alcohols when they have been extracted from their natural sources. With that said, I favor them over aspartame, Splenda, acesulfame-k, or any of the man-made, chemical, fake sugars proven to cause harm to human health. […]