The Secret To Saccharin: Don’t Use Too Much Or It Tastes Bitter

From Splenda® Is It Safe Or Not? by Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN I am starting this article on “healthy sweeteners” with an “artificial sweetener” most people think causes cancer, but saccharin is the safest and actually one of the safest alternative sweeteners (if you insist on tearing open a colored packet, that is). Natural sugars such as […]

Saccharin Was Labeled A Carcinogen In A Bogus 1960s Scam

In the 1960s, the sweetener industry changed, but not for the better. The only artificial sweetener at that time, saccharin, was sacrificed to make room for a new, more profitable sweetener, NutraSweet/Equal® made from aspartame. Saccharin in Coca Cola® In 1902, Monsanto Chemical Company launched its reputation by manufacturing saccharin, the company’s very first product. From 1903 through 1905, […]

Don’t Be Sold A Can Of Diet Propaganda

I have to admit that I fussed with edit after edit before posting my reply to this insane article on because my emotions were running high, and I was all over the map. How much more disappointment can we take reading the continuous propaganda about the supposed safety of aspartame? Not to mention deep sadness at the lack of integrity in the […]

My Latest Podcast On Diet Sweeteners

  Here is the link to a recent podcast interview with The Makeover Mentor, Danna Demetre. This podcast is longer than usual, but I think it is well worth your time. Listen while you are driving home in traffic or while you’re doing chores, and maybe the time will fly. Danna and I discussed the dangers of […]

Saccharin’s Always Left Holding The Bag

The politics behind “sodium saccharide” has always left saccharin holding the bag. Saccharin has never been proven to cause cancer in humans, and the FDA confirmed its safety when it removed the cancer warning in 2001. Saccharin’s history isn’t accurate, either, and its original discovery is more than meets the eye. Before aspartame was discovered in […]

Have You Heard Of Acesulfame K?

This sweetener is yet another chemical sugar that you may not be aware of. Popular in Europe and Canada, Ace-K is now one of the top two commercial sweeteners used mostly in the sweetener blends. So, what is Acesulfame K? Acesulfame K (Ace-k And Sunette®) First discovered in 1967, this manufactured sweetener is composed of: Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen Hydrogen […]

Diet Soda Drinkers Have The Highest Risk For Depression

A new long-term, research study shows that artificially sweetened colas are related to depression. Medical researcher Honglei Chen, M.D., Ph.D., Epidemiology Branch at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, determined that diet soda drinkers are more likely to be down in the dumps than regular soda drinkers, and coffee drinkers are happier than both. According to […]

Truth Out – The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle

You can’t put the genie back in the bottle – or should I say – you can’t put the truth behind the mega-profits made off aspartame back in the bottle  …  Once the truth about aspartame is out, there will be BIG changes for the better. Dangerous Reactions Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are experiencing dangerous health […]

Aspartame in The 1960s

It’s been thirty years since aspartame first came on the market as NutraSweet/Equal®. Researchers warned us as early as the 1960s that this artificial sugar substitute was harmful to human health, but their warnings never reached the consumer. Today, the scientific research continues with the hope that the findings that aspartame causes cancer, memory loss, […]

Saccharin – The Pink Pack Never Caused Cancer

Despite the misleading report from forty years ago that saccharin causes cancer, saccharin remains one of the safer artificial sweeteners in the colored packet line up. Saccharin never was the cause of cancer in the 1960s safety studies, and the FDA lifted the cancer warning off the pink packets in 2001, one year before Splenda […]