Are You Ready For A Healthier Life?

Are you ready for a healthier life? I think that everyone is. The problem is maintaining new healthy habits. The challenge is making those healthy habits permanent lifestyle changes. When I recovered from aspartame poisoning in 1991, I made some serious lifestyle changes. The neat thing about my recovery is that I maintained my recovery […]

Train Your Brain – How Your Mind Influences Your Health

One of the greatest qualities of being human is our ability to think. Our brains are an amazing information processing center, and humans can analyse, create, interpret, visualize, dream, and cultivate emotions. This doesn’t make us any better than other life on our beautiful, little planet, but it does make us unique. Look at your […]

How To Be A Healthy Spin Doctor in 2016

If I start this article off with current events and hash tags from 2015 like disease, epidemics, vaccines, GMOs, corruption, FDA, Big Pharma – well – it leaves me with a heavy-feeling, and a loss of joy and hope. But, if I spin this article with words for 2016 like health, positive changes, self-empowerment, happiness, and good-times; this […]

7-Steps To Get The Elephant Out Of The Room

Are you feeling tired these days? Maybe a bit unmotivated? Is your level of stress creeping up all around you? Well, you are not alone, and there is a way to rise out of this – for the sake of your health and well-being. Today, just being for a human being carries a hefty price tag, and […]