The #1 Thing I Do To Stay Healthy

Multivitamin with several vitamins in a single pill.

I have been in the health and wellness business for decades. Actually, I’d say that I was born holistic. As a young kid, I’d never let my mom know if I didn’t feel well; I’d just let my body deal with it on its own. I still do. I rarely get sick, though. My mom […]

We Have The Solutions – We Just Aren’t Using Them

A highway sign that says Changes Ahead Exit Right

I’m from Dallas, and the senseless shootings that happened in Dallas this past week inspired this article. It got me thinking about the increasing changes in America today, and the solutions, that are right in front of us. I never thought of myself as a social commentator; I’m an educator. But, I am discovering that to […]

Your Anti-aging Detox

Portrait of senior and young couples with their children having fun outdoors

Detoxing is more than removing toxins. Detoxing is a lifestyle. Detoxing is a way to stay young and energetic. Detoxing removes the toxic chemicals that impact your health, your tissues, blood flow, your skin, your hair growth, and your attitude. Detoxing increases your oxygen levels, and the more oxygen your body has, the healthier it […]

Are You Asleep At The Wheel – Wake Up And Shift Gears To Healthier Food And Free Water

A young Caucasian man is asleep at the wheel of a car, with some drool beginning to run out of his mouth.

All of us are feeling the pinch of rising food prices these days, and we can’t seem to successfully stop chemically altered, GMO foods from taking over our food supply. Now, a new concern is rising – the shortage of clean drinking water. It is overwhelming when you think about it, especially if you live in Southern California where city […]

Will 2015 Be The Year Of The Outlaw Who Brings Change?

A silhouette of an outlaw with a cowboy hat and scarf.

It looks like 2015 may be “The Year of the Outlaw.”  We seem to be creating so many laws these days, we’re making criminals out of everyone – even our children. I have cited three very critical issues (and new laws) that are threatening our health freedom today. Will standing up for our freedom of choice […]

Who Gets Kissed? – A New Variety Of Organic Non-GMO Corn

A happy woman driving a tractor.

“Who Gets Kissed?” is the first in a series of organic sweet corn developed through a new plant breeding program. “’Who Gets Kissed?” is not only bred under organic farming conditions, but organic farmers are equal partners in the breeding effort. This represents a much needed alternative where farmers and agricultural scientists collaborate with one another on […]

Water Is Life

A glass of clear water with lemon slices.

Back in 2010, I remember listening to an interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto on his thoughts about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and how we could all help. Although his theories have been highly criticized, his work is amazing because he has reminded us that water is life. Without water, nothing on our planet […]

Support These 400 Non-GMO Companies

Corn in the husk

Antony Gucciardi, Natural Society has taken quite a bit of time to compile a list of 400 companies that do not use GMO ingredients in their products. Thanks, Antony. Bookmark this list, print it off, or save on your iPad. This is great information, and it is always good to support the companies providing the best nutrition […]

Is Vitamin D The Latest Health Fad, And Why?

A picture of the bright sun.

Vitamin D, or the lack of, seems to be the latest health fad. The allopathic community typically criticizes the need for vitamin supplements, and traditionally, most doctors believe that taking vitamins is a waste of time and money. Yet, today, they are pushing vitamin D. This sends up a red flag to me, and I wonder […]

One Cup Of Kale …..

A bowl of fresh kale.

I feed the endangered tortoises, turtles, and birds on my wildlife sanctuary kale everyday because kale is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. One cup of kale has more vitamins than an entire week’s worth of other healthy foods. All herbivores on the planet love kale. Healthy Benefits It is always best to eat most natural […]