Honey, Pass The Ginger

Plants have been used as a source of therapeutic agents in traditional medicine since ancient times. The bioactive compounds that plants contain have antimicrobial agents that have been used for centuries to fight infections. As a result of the over-use (abuse) of antibiotics today, the increase in resistant bacteria against existing antibiotics has spurred many studies […]

Step Into Health – Happy Feet First

An easy way to maintain your health is to start with your feet. Massage Nerd, AKA Ryan Hoyme from Houston, Texas, posted this amazing reflexology, pressure point chart, and he has links to more. Reflexology Think of your nervous system like an electrical circuit. All the connections have positive and negative charges that are at the […]

How To Get Pregnant The Natural Way

Are you trying to get pregnant, but not having any luck? Infertility is increasing in our modern world, and doctors have their opinions about what to do about it, but not why this has become a growing problem. Very few fertility doctors address topics like aspartame use, yeast (Candida), hormone imbalances caused by hormones in our food […]