Sweet Remedy Radio With Cori Brackett 2-11-14 – Click On Archives

Visit the archives to join me and friend, colleague, and host Cori Brackett for Part 3 of a series that we have been doing on … well … we’ve talked about everything happening today from current events, GMOs, climate change, and ways we can better our health and wellness in a very polluted world. I am not […]

More Aspartame Politics Fuels The Neverending Research Wars

As more people learn of the proven dangers of aspartame, more requests are made by the corporations for  “political” intervention to counter the scientific claims of health dangers. We are witnessing a “research war“, with corporate scientists pitted against the reputations of independent scientists. Truthfully, this is becoming most tiresome and an insult to our intelligence. You and I can express our opinions to no avail from now […]

Leveling The Playing Field Exposes Corruption

No one can win a fight that’s rigged. Truth remains hidden amid lies, and many good-hearted people have suffered at the hands of con artists and cheaters. This isn’t anything new – scams, shams, and corporate ponzi schemes have been going on for thousands of years, but because our technology today has brought more awareness into our […]

EFSA Concludes Aspartame Does Not Cause Cancer Despite Numerous Studies Proving It Does

There will always be reports questioning the safety of aspartame because it has been proven many times to cause cancer, birth defects, and numerous degenerative diseases. A 2002 review, nonetheless, carried out on more than 500 scientific papers published between 1988 and 2001 on the safety of aspartame, concluded that the sweetener was safe at the intake levels […]

The Research Wars – Will It Ever End?

For every independent study proving aspartame dangers, a corporate study is pay-rolled to claim safe findings. So here we are – stuck in an research battle; an information war  – all for profit at the expense of YOUR health and the health of YOUR children. The fact that aspartame has been proven to be harmful to humans is enough to ban it […]

Food Labeling Is Just A Roll Of The Dice

When it comes to food safety, our choices for personal health and wellness seem to be out of our hands these days. If I choose to avoid aspartame, MSG, or GMOs, I really don’t know if the food I am buying has these ingredients in them, or not. Avoiding altered food is no longer an easy choice. […]

Aspartame Politics in the 1980s – From Their Table To Yours

I bet that you will be shocked to learn that the FDA never approved aspartame. The FDA has not always believed that aspartame is safe. Actually, it’s the opposite. They denied its public approval – twice. It’s approval came from one man. After an unsuccessful approval attempt in the 1970s, the corporations applying for the patents […]

Aspartame in The 1960s

It’s been thirty years since aspartame first came on the market as NutraSweet/Equal®. Researchers warned us as early as the 1960s that this artificial sugar substitute was harmful to human health, but their warnings never reached the consumer. Today, the scientific research continues with the hope that the findings that aspartame causes cancer, memory loss, […]

Saccharin – The Pink Pack Never Caused Cancer

Despite the misleading report from forty years ago that saccharin causes cancer, saccharin remains one of the safer artificial sweeteners in the colored packet line up. Saccharin never was the cause of cancer in the 1960s safety studies, and the FDA lifted the cancer warning off the pink packets in 2001, one year before Splenda […]

What’s Really Behind GMOs – Owning The World’s Food Supply

GMOs. The power behind GMOs is pretty darn scary. Many people don’t want to get involved in the GMO-thing, but our future will be in the hands of Monsanto and the big corporations if we do not fully understand what’s really going on behind the scenes. We are missing the point: the biggest threat from […]