Take A Deep Dive Into Your Personal Health

Have you ever wanted to ask a quick nutrition question, but couldn’t find who to ask? Who do you check in with when you just need an ata-boy or a pat on the back, confirming that your efforts to stay on a good nutrition program are working? It’s always good to get a thumbs up for your hard […]

Summer Changes And Remodeling

Happy Summer 2018 (and Winter 2018 in the Southern Hemisphere). I have been posting less this summer due to lots of busy events, but I want my readers to know that lots of these changes are directly related to The Hullistic Network. Stay tuned for some exciting updates! Remodeling The Hullistic Network The Hullistic Network […]

Up Close And Personal With Janet Starr Hull

My life is an oxymoron. No, I’m not a moron. I’m complicated. For a very private person, I have a very public life and a global message to deliver. Yep. Oxymoron. Typically complicated. Because I work with so many, different types of people around the world, I thought I would make a video on youtube about who […]

Turn And Face The Change

We have made some new changes at the Hullistic Network in 2016. The biggest change is a relocation from North Texas to South Texas. Many of you already know that I live on a 501c3 wildlife sanctuary, and we chose to move our endangered animals to a warmer location. Many of you also know that […]

Nutritional Counseling From Your Home

You know …. sometimes you just need to talk to someone about your health concerns. Especially if you want to try healthy alternatives that aren’t traditional or mainstream. Have you ever experienced health symptoms that just don’t go away no matter what you try? And when you go to your doctor, nothing shows up on medical tests? […]