2000: The Sweetener War Begins

I’ve written about three decades of aspartame history, yet today as you can see, aspartame is still on the market. Does this mean that aspartame is safe because it has been on the market since 1981? No. You decide for yourself, but to me, this is yet another example of a system gone wrong. Big business […]

Monsanto’s Saccharin + Aspartame + GMO

Monsanto is all over the news these days as the target of the hot debate concerning GMO health safety. I bet you didn’t know that Monsanto Chemical Company, the creator of NutraSweet®/Equal®,  was the company that first brought us saccharin. Yep – Monsanto owned and produced BOTH saccharin and NutraSweet/Equal (aspartame), at the same time, over several decades. Monsanto […]