If Your Hair Could Talk, What Would It Say?

Everyone knows that I am a hair analysis specialist, and I have been identifying the root causes of health symptoms and disease since 1991. If you read my book Sweet Poison, you will understand my passion because it was the tool that helped save my life. In today’s polluted world, and with the increasing mandates to get […]

Can C60 Stop Aging?

There’s a molecule found in nature that resembles a soccer ball called a Fullerene. It is made of sixty carbon atoms, and hence, is called C60. It is typically found in soot or other carbon-based-ash in very small amounts. C60 is becoming highly recognized as a way to slow, stop, or perhaps even reverse aging. Interested in learning […]

Join Me On The Radio May 10th, 2017

Join me Wednesday on A Quantum View radio show on The Pyramid One Network with host Chris Kehler for an hour long, live audio broadcast. The show topic: HAIR ANALYSIS. The show time is Wednesday May 10th @ 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific time. The Hair Analysis I have been doing the hair analysis […]

How To Know If You Are High In Mercury

Mercury is back in the news these days with warnings that it is still found in flu shots. And tuna? Well, mercury is still found in tuna products. There are two types of canned tuna: chunk light and solid or chunk white (albacore). Most canned white tuna is albacore, and its mercury levels are almost three times […]

How To Skin Your Toxins

Are you having skin issues that appear out of nowhere or get worse after you eat? These days, gluten typically takes the blame for itchy allergy-like symptoms, acne break-outs, or patches of eczema or rosacea. So, you go to a dermatologist who scratches his head, does some skin allergy tests, tells you to avoid gluten, soy, and your cat; and then loads you […]

Nutritional Counseling From Your Home

You know …. sometimes you just need to talk to someone about your health concerns. Especially if you want to try healthy alternatives that aren’t traditional or mainstream. Have you ever experienced health symptoms that just don’t go away no matter what you try? And when you go to your doctor, nothing shows up on medical tests? […]

How To Save Time And Money Buying Vitamins

Have you ever walked into a health food store or a whole foods market and noticed how many vitamin choices there are? Do you know what specific vitamins and minerals you really need? And which brands are the best? These are common questions, and you can spend a lot of time and money buying vitamins […]

Testing For Mold Q&A

  Dr. Hull, I have a strong feeling that mold and mold spores have played a major role in my poor physical condition. Will a hair analysis show anything for this? Have a great day. From Dr. Hull Microbes do not produce an inorganic waste that excretes into the hair, which is one reason why […]