Does Your Doctor Think You’re Nuts?

An over weight woman gagged with a tap measure.

“I’ve been having strange health symptoms, but my doctor can’t find anything wrong.” I hear this a lot from many of my clients. Have you ever had health symptoms that your doctor couldn’t see? You KNOW your health symptoms are there, but a battery of medical tests doesn’t show anything. Frustrated, you go home with a prescription. […]

Why I Do The Hair Analysis

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If you surf the web, you’ll read a lot about hair analysis testing. No doubt, the hair analysis is an alternative and misunderstood practice in traditional medicine, but it is a primary tool in environmental research – research into determining, beyond question, the SOURCE of pollution and its danger to the health of plants and animals. Did you know that […]

Trace Minerals – A Powerful and Stealth Detoxing Tool

The Periodic Table of Elements

Do you take a trace mineral complex? If not, you should because trace minerals are a very powerful detoxing agent – especially for detoxing from radiation. I recommend adding a trace mineral supplement to your vitamin protocol at least 4 times a week. You can get your daily trace minerals by eating a diet rich in these minerals, and by […]

Do Some Prevention Before You Fill That Prescription

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Modern meds. Are they over-used? Over-prescribed? Over-abused? Most of us realize that medications are not what they used to be. Be cautious and do your homework when your doc pulls out his pen and med-pad. Do some prevention before you fill that prescription. Antibiotics When antibiotics came onto the scene, they were miracle drugs – really. […]

How To Know If You Are High In Mercury

Vaccine viles and a hypodermic needle.

Mercury is back in the news these days with warnings that it is still found in flu shots. And tuna? Well, mercury is still found in tuna products. There are two types of canned tuna: chunk light and solid or chunk white (albacore). Most canned white tuna is albacore, and its mercury levels are almost three times […]

Detoxing Can Help You Lose False Weight

An over weight woman gagged with a tap measure.

Have you noticed that when you detox, you lose weight? Look at it another way – have you ever experienced gaining weight no matter how much you exercise and eat right? Well, you are not alone. Many people experience this everyday. But why? According to research in the Journal of Nutrition, scientists at the University of Queensland discovered that certain […]

Open Your Mind To Modern Health, And Other Stuff

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Do you consider yourself an open-minded person? Are you willing to open your mind to new ideas, or to opinions that you don’t agree with? How do you handle others who are different from you? I’ve observed that most people in the natural/alternative health arena are fairly open-minded, and most are willing to work alongside those whom they disagree with. Open-minded […]

Turn And Face The Change

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We have made some new changes at the Hullistic Network in 2016. The biggest change is a relocation from North Texas to South Texas. Many of you already know that I live on a 501c3 wildlife sanctuary, and we chose to move our endangered animals to a warmer location. Many of you also know that […]

How To Skin Your Toxins

Young woman scratching her itchy allergic skin face

Are you having skin issues that appear out of nowhere or get worse after you eat? These days, gluten typically takes the blame for itchy allergy-like symptoms, acne break-outs, or patches of eczema or rosacea. So, you go to a dermatologist who scratches his head, does some skin allergy tests, tells you to avoid gluten, soy, and your cat; and then loads you […]

How Germanium In Mushrooms Stimulates Your Health

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Did you know that the regular intake of organic germanium may alleviate many health concerns and slow the aging process? In Japan and in Russia, organic germanium is used in alternative cancer therapies because of its ability to modify the body’s biological response to tumors. Germanium is a powerful anti-oxidant, and it’s found in many foods, like […]