Support These 400 Non-GMO Companies

Antony Gucciardi, Natural Society has taken quite a bit of time to compile a list of 400 companies that do not use GMO ingredients in their products. Thanks, Antony. Bookmark this list, print it off, or save on your iPad. This is great information, and it is always good to support the companies providing the best nutrition […]

Dirt To Shirt Movement

Starting with the farmer in our own backyard is one POWERFUL way to take our power back and away from the Big Agra/Corps pushing GMOs and shoddy products on Americans. Watch this awesome video on the Dirt to Shirt Movement in North Carolina. They are using cotton as their power-tool, but can you imagine when American […]

Leveling The Playing Field Exposes Corruption

No one can win a fight that’s rigged. Truth remains hidden amid lies, and many good-hearted people have suffered at the hands of con artists and cheaters. This isn’t anything new – scams, shams, and corporate ponzi schemes have been going on for thousands of years, but because our technology today has brought more awareness into our […]

What’s Really Behind GMOs – Owning The World’s Food Supply

GMOs. The power behind GMOs is pretty darn scary. Many people don’t want to get involved in the GMO-thing, but our future will be in the hands of Monsanto and the big corporations if we do not fully understand what’s really going on behind the scenes. We are missing the point: the biggest threat from […]

The $332,000 Stem Cell Burger

Yes, I wrote stem cell burger. And yes, it costs $332,000. Crazy, huh? It’s more than crazy, it’s INSANE. We have reached a dangerous cross-roads in human food domination to even consider stem cell burgers as human nutrition. Stem Cell Burgers Stem cell burgers are “cultured beef” grown from stem cells taken from a cow. Mark Post of Maastricht University invented […]

Are These Cancer Causing Food Chemicals?

BEWARE: today’s food supply is becoming more and more toxic. Fat substitutes, the diet sweeteners, and GMOs are taking over our food choices, and when they are unlabeled, you just don’t know what you are eating or feeding your children. So many foods aren’t real anymore – they are basically man-made inventions created in a laboratory to replace nature for […]

Ways We Can Help The Bees

Just about every country in the world except for the USA is making positive strides to help the bees survive extinction from farm and lawn chemicals mass marketed by big corporations like Monsanto. Honey bees are now an endangered species because of human beings, and bees are a critical key to our survival. So, if bees are endangered, WE ARE ENDANGERED. […]

Monsanto’s Saccharin + Aspartame + GMO

Monsanto is all over the news these days as the target of the hot debate concerning GMO health safety. I bet you didn’t know that Monsanto Chemical Company, the creator of NutraSweet®/Equal®,  was the company that first brought us saccharin. Yep – Monsanto owned and produced BOTH saccharin and NutraSweet/Equal (aspartame), at the same time, over several decades. Monsanto […]

A National Search For Composters

By now, most of you know that I live on a wildlife sanctuary and conservation center. And by now, most of you know that I am seriously into Earth changes and ways we can make our future better for all mankind. I combine these two passions into my personal lifestyle, and I have some tips that I use […]

Study Shows Statins Don’t Work

Surprised? After working with the best aspartame researchers worldwide for the past 20 years, it comes as NO surprise that a study in Sweden* has proven that yet another American “drug” doesn’t work – statins. The population-based study was done on 3,922,094 Swedes who were using statins from 1998-2000. The dose was increased over the study […]