Will 2015 Be The Year Of The Outlaw Who Brings Change?

It looks like 2015 may be “The Year of the Outlaw.”  We seem to be creating so many laws these days, we’re making criminals out of everyone – even our children. I have cited three very critical issues (and new laws) that are threatening our health freedom today. Will standing up for our freedom of choice […]

Who Gets Kissed? – A New Variety Of Organic Non-GMO Corn

“Who Gets Kissed?” is the first in a series of organic sweet corn developed through a new plant breeding program. “’Who Gets Kissed?” is not only bred under organic farming conditions, but organic farmers are equal partners in the breeding effort. This represents a much needed alternative where farmers and agricultural scientists collaborate with one another on […]

Dirt To Shirt Movement

Starting with the farmer in our own backyard is one POWERFUL way to take our power back and away from the Big Agra/Corps pushing GMOs and shoddy products on Americans. Watch this awesome video on the Dirt to Shirt Movement in North Carolina. They are using cotton as their power-tool, but can you imagine when American […]

Sweet Freedom – Is It Slipping Away?

Each and everyone of us are at a historic crossroads in our lives today – big changes are coming and our choices TODAY will determine our future. Our Sweet Freedom – Hang On To It The Earth has bestowed a very sweet freedom upon all living things, and the wisdom today is that this inherent freedom, amid all facets of life, must […]

What’s Really Behind GMOs – Owning The World’s Food Supply

GMOs. The power behind GMOs is pretty darn scary. Many people don’t want to get involved in the GMO-thing, but our future will be in the hands of Monsanto and the big corporations if we do not fully understand what’s really going on behind the scenes. We are missing the point: the biggest threat from […]

Health Ranger’s Monsanto Video Revolt

Last night, Mike Adams kept me up to 2:30 in the morning … I couldn’t stop watching the launch of his new internet video campaign, Monsanto Video Revolt, aimed to publicly expose the dangers of Monsanto’s GMOs. Mike started NaturalNews.com, and is also known as The Health Ranger. He partnered with Anthony Gucciardi and Dr. […]

Ways We Can Help The Bees

Just about every country in the world except for the USA is making positive strides to help the bees survive extinction from farm and lawn chemicals mass marketed by big corporations like Monsanto. Honey bees are now an endangered species because of human beings, and bees are a critical key to our survival. So, if bees are endangered, WE ARE ENDANGERED. […]

Monsanto’s Saccharin + Aspartame + GMO

Monsanto is all over the news these days as the target of the hot debate concerning GMO health safety. I bet you didn’t know that Monsanto Chemical Company, the creator of NutraSweet®/Equal®,  was the company that first brought us saccharin. Yep – Monsanto owned and produced BOTH saccharin and NutraSweet/Equal (aspartame), at the same time, over several decades. Monsanto […]