Don’t Be Sold A Can Of Diet Propaganda

I have to admit that I fussed with edit after edit before posting my reply to this insane article on because my emotions were running high, and I was all over the map. How much more disappointment can we take reading the continuous propaganda about the supposed safety of aspartame? Not to mention deep sadness at the lack of integrity in the […]

In The Blink Of An Eye – How Aspartame Can Harm Your Vision

In 1986, Shannon Roth hired an attorney, assembled a battery of medical doctors, and entered into US Senate offices to share her blinding reaction to aspartame, found exclusively at that time in NutraSweet/Equal®. After the meeting adjourned, one industry attorney referred to her as “Blinky.” Nice guy … Shannon became irreversibly blind in her left eye from […]

That Aspartame 70s Show

In the 1970s, aspartame was having some serious troubles.  Actually, aspartame almost got scrapped because it was causing brain tumors.  That’s right. Back then, everyone knew that aspartame caused brain tumors. G.D. Searle was successful in getting their “competition” out of the way, but they couldn’t get a handle on the death and brain tumor issue surfacing […]

Aspartame in The 1960s

It’s been thirty years since aspartame first came on the market as NutraSweet/Equal®. Researchers warned us as early as the 1960s that this artificial sugar substitute was harmful to human health, but their warnings never reached the consumer. Today, the scientific research continues with the hope that the findings that aspartame causes cancer, memory loss, […]

Color Your Sweeteners

Do you get confused which colored sweetener packet is what, which ones are safe, or which colors to avoid? Remember this good rule of thumb: Color Matters. Colored Sweetener Packets Here’s a good way to remember which sweeteners you should avoid: The yellow packet (Splenda®) = caution like in a traffic light; The blue packet (Equal®) = makes you feel […]

Diet Sweeteners Make Diabetics Work Harder

If you are diabetic, you understand how delicate diabetes really is. All types of diabetes require a very precise, chemical management, and using diet chemical sweeteners only makes this task harder. Going Down The Wrong Road The sweetener companies defend product safety for the diabetic based on mounds of their research – corporate funded studies that mean nothing at the […]

Helping My Wife Survive Aspartame

Aspartame Case History Name:  DJ; City:  Turlock; Age:  45; Gender:  Male; Aspartame Usage:  Not any more; Comments:   After reading your stories, I felt I had to write and tell you about my wife, Theresa. In and around June 2004, she began having pains in her body that our doctor said were most likely arthritis, and he […]