Have You Ever Heard Of An Accidental Incidence?

A group of people partying with hats, food, and party favors.

Have you ever been to a holiday party at your office, school, or at your neighbor’s house where everyone brings a potluck dish or a special holiday dessert? Holiday parties are fun – it’s always great to see good friends and family, and how lucky we all are to have a buffet of food during celebrations, from salads […]

Hypoglycemia Affects Your Health More Than You Think

A picture of an alarm clock showing 11:00 PM.

You may have felt the effects of low blood sugar when you’ve gotten really hungry, skipped a meal, or exercised hard without eating enough. This happens to nearly everyone from time to time. Do you get hungry every morning around 10:00 AM? Do you slow down around 2:00 in the afternoon? Do you get snarky […]

How Stevia Helps Diabetics

A stevia leaf with the word Stevia written beside it.

Stevia has been used for centuries in other countries to treat diabetes. At the very least, to prevent it, which is one reason people in other countries do not suffer with the increase in diabetes like we see in the US. Stevia has been used among the indigenous people of Paraguay and other South American countries […]

Stevia Used To Treat Diabetes And Gum Disease

A stevia leaf with the word Stevia written beside it.

Stevia has been used as a traditional remedy for diabetes and gum disease among the indigenous people of Paraguay and other South American countries for over 1,500-recorded years. Scientific studies show stevia may indeed improve the function of cells in the pancreas required for insulin production, and may also improve glucose tolerance in people with diabetes. […]

Xylitol And The Sugar Alcohols Are If-y Trigger Foods

Sweetener packets and a coffee cup

I am asked a lot if the sugar alcohols are safe sweeteners. Well, I am not a fan of sugar alcohols when they have been extracted from their natural sources. With that said, I favor them over aspartame, Splenda, acesulfame-k, or any of the man-made, chemical, fake sugars proven to cause harm to human health. […]

Grazing Can Help You Lose Weight

A herd of cows grazing in a green, open field.

Most of us assume that snacking throughout the day will cause weight gain, but actually, this is the healthiest way to eat. Horses, cows, and tortoises (just to name a few awesome animals) graze throughout the day, and they only fatten up when given a pile of human food. Eat Less More Often When you […]

Tips For Diabetics To Keep Life Sweet

A woman testing her blood sugar using a digital monitor.

There is no cure for diabetes, but it can be treated effectively using a combination of diet, exercise, and the proper medication. Type II diabetes can initially be controlled through diet and exercise alone, but Type I diabetes requires insulin, as well as a strict diet and exercise adjustments. One thing we do know, life can […]

Diet Sweeteners Increase Hunger

A beauitful young girl drinking a cola.

Are you or your kids hungry all the time? Maybe you don’t feel satisfied after eating a sugar-free snack or meal. Well, the research shows that diet sweeteners increase hunger. Here’s why you don’t feel full … Cephalic Phase Insulin Response Aspartame has been shown in laboratory studies to create changes in insulin levels called a […]

The Natural Sweetness Of Food

Two apples and a teaspoon of sugar.

We tend to forget that sweetness is actually a by-product of food, real food that is. This is nature’s way of encouraging us to consume nutritious foods for energy, and have some pleasure while we do it. Natural sugars are a source of fuel – our bodies need some sugar to boost our engines – […]

Are You Dying To Be Thin?

A pair of feet on a bathroom scale.

Most people want to know if the diet sweeteners really help them lose weight. The research shows that artificial sweeteners actually cause weight gain, and with obesity at an all time high, people are finally seeing the connection – especially in our children. There are numerous ways to lose weight – and keep it off – without […]