Ask Dr. Hull: When Reactions To Healthy Supplements Occur So Quickly

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Q: Reactions To Aspartame and B12 Dear Dr. Hull, I’ve had exposure to aspartame for a long time (chewing gum). About a month ago, I also increased the amount of vitamin B12 I was taking (my only supplement). Within a week I began having arm and hand pain, numbness and tingling. Is there a test that […]

Does Your Doctor Think You’re Nuts?

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“I’ve been having strange health symptoms, but my doctor can’t find anything wrong.” I hear this a lot from many of my clients. Have you ever had health symptoms that your doctor couldn’t see? You KNOW your health symptoms are there, but a battery of medical tests doesn’t show anything. Frustrated, you go home with a prescription. […]

Why I Don’t Recommend Bentonite Clay

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Why don’t I recommend using bentonite clay when detoxing? Because it’s the wrong type of claywhen detoxing internally. Bentonite clay plugs your body’s plumbing – the French Green clay, and the other Illite clays – clean your pipes, and keep your plumbing flowing because they do not harden or swell. It is well known in my environmental […]

The Best Foods To Eat When Detoxing [VIDEO]

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Out with the bad and in with the good. That’s my philosophy when detoxing.  When you detox, you are removing toxins from your body – that’s the goal. Your body won’t use toxins for food or fuel, and hence, toxins will remain undigested. They then circulate through your bloodstream and deposit in your tissues and organs, […]

Why I Do The Hair Analysis

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If you surf the web, you’ll read a lot about hair analysis testing. No doubt, the hair analysis is an alternative and misunderstood practice in traditional medicine, but it is a primary tool in environmental research – research into determining, beyond question, the SOURCE of pollution and its danger to the health of plants and animals. Did you know that […]

Your Body’s Nighttime Cleaning Crew

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What is the first thing that you do when you wake up every morning? I keep a glass of water by my bed, and I drink it down first thing in the morning upon rising. After that, I let my dogs outside (to go to the bathroom), and head straight for the kitchen to refill my water glass. Then I […]

The Military Detox

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Everyone should detox to clean their bodies of everyday toxins, but if you’ve been in the military, this especially applies to you. Agent Orange. Mustard gas. DDT. Anthrax. Thorium. Thallium. Aluminum. Barium. Lithium. Comtrails, Chemtrails. Vaccines. Bad food. Dirty water. Microorganisms. War chemicals. You name it, and you’ve probably been exposed to it. What’s the solution? […]

Your Anti-aging Detox

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Detoxing is more than removing toxins. Detoxing is a lifestyle. Detoxing is a way to stay young and energetic. Detoxing removes the toxic chemicals that impact your health, your tissues, blood flow, your skin, your hair growth, and your attitude. Detoxing increases your oxygen levels, and the more oxygen your body has, the healthier it […]

What In The Heck Is Milk Water?

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If you have ever done my French Green Clay Detox, you know what milk water is. That said, many of you still ask what in the heck is milk water. French Green Clay Milk water is when you let your French Green Clay sit overnight to purify any sediments that might be in the natural […]

Your Detox Resolution for 2016

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The new year always brings resolutions to start a new chapter of your life in a positive, healthy, and happier way. One of the best resolutions is to detox – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Be mindful in every moment of the awesome breakthrough towards better health, world harmony, and peace for all things – big and […]