Ask Dr. Hull: When Reactions To Healthy Supplements Occur So Quickly

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Q: Reactions To Aspartame and B12 Dear Dr. Hull, I’ve had exposure to aspartame for a long time (chewing gum). About a month ago, I also increased the amount of vitamin B12 I was taking (my only supplement). Within a week I began having arm and hand pain, numbness and tingling. Is there a test that […]

Aspartame Case History: Say Good-Bye For Me To All Our Friends

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I recently received a very somber letter from the widow of J-P. It’s a very personal letter; J-P wrote it before he died. According to his surgeon, he died from aspartame poisoning.  Before he died, J-P wanted to expose the dangers of aspartame, of ALL artificial sugars, and the many other dangerous chemicals put into the public food supply. […]

ADHD Case History With A Happy Ending

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Nothing is more compelling than sharing a personal experience with a happy ending. I was contacted by a mother who helped her child escape the ADHD label, and begin a life of joy and creativity without prescribed meds. Someone’s personal experience with a drug, food chemical, or inherited pre-disposition will always be unique because everyone […]

Suppressing Scientific Studies – Again

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Recently, proof that the MMR vaccine causes autism finally broke into mainstream news. This proof is disturbing because underlying this research lies a cover-up. Another one. A big one. It’s happened again. The “proof” that combining the MMR vaccine into one drug causes autism is not a new revelation. This fact was exposed because of a […]

In The Blink Of An Eye – How Aspartame Can Harm Your Vision

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In 1986, Shannon Roth hired an attorney, assembled a battery of medical doctors, and entered into US Senate offices to share her blinding reaction to aspartame, found exclusively at that time in NutraSweet/Equal®. After the meeting adjourned, one industry attorney referred to her as “Blinky.” Nice guy … Shannon became irreversibly blind in her left eye from […]

Aspartame Case History – An Education In Corruption And Deceit

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I have been drinking diet coke for years and been very ill with depression, anxiety, and thin, poor hair. I have now stopped this for three days, and I am drinking plain sparkling water. Is sparkling water OK, and is soda water OK to drink for your health because both of these drinks have no chemicals at all? Right? How […]

Emergen-C® Can Cause Aspartame-Like Reactions

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Emergen-C® helps promote immune health, especially used as a prevention during cold and flu season. Each individual packet is a delicious fizzy drink mix that delivers 1,000 mg of vitamin C as ascorbic acid, as well as 24 nutrients with antioxidants, electrolytes and 7 B vitamins. I am not saying that Emergen-C is not a good product, […]

Aspartame Case History To Anyone Who Will Listen

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Name:  J Mac; City:  Nashville; Age:  42; Sex:  Female; Aspartame Consumption:  I used for 25 years; Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame:  Yes; Diet Products Used:  At the time, I drank diet coke in large amounts, 2-3 32 oz per day. At different times, I also ate diet foods with aspartame in it. Slimfast, yogurts, etc.; Do […]

Aspartame and OLP

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Hello Janet, I hope this mail finds you in good health. I stumbled across your website when doing some research into oral lichen planus and the possible triggers to the OLP; my wife has only recently contracted the OLP. When doing research into the condition, I realised that there were various doctors and experts in the field that reccomended cutting out artificial […]

Helping My Wife Survive Aspartame

Aspartame Case History Name:  DJ; City:  Turlock; Age:  45; Gender:  Male; Aspartame Usage:  Not any more; Comments:   After reading your stories, I felt I had to write and tell you about my wife, Theresa. In and around June 2004, she began having pains in her body that our doctor said were most likely arthritis, and he […]