Two B-Complex Vitamins That Help Prevent Disease

Did you know that two of the B-Complex vitamins can help in the prevention of cancer and diseases such as Fibromyalgia? These two vitamins also support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. What are these two vitamins? Vitamins B15 and B17. All animals instinctively know that vitamins B15 and B17 are nature’s cancer prevention. Did you […]

Two Case Histories – Vanishing Skin Cancer and Free of Prostate Cancer

From The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet by Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN Learning about other people’s experiences is a great way to help when you are healing from a disease diagnosis. What works for one person may not always be the right solution for your personal needs, but you can always come away with new information and innovative […]

Here Are Some Options For Cancer When You’re Out Of Options

Cancer is a very controversial topic, and one that I feel is very personal. When faced with cancer, you are faced with many more issues, and these are philosophical – they involve your personal belief in life and death, they test your faith in the medical establishment, and they emphasize your freedom to try alternative […]

The Best Foods To Eat When Detoxing [VIDEO]

Out with the bad and in with the good. That’s my philosophy when detoxing.  When you detox, you are removing toxins from your body – that’s the goal. Your body won’t use toxins for food or fuel, and hence, toxins will remain undigested. They then circulate through your bloodstream and deposit in your tissues and organs, […]

Why I Do The Hair Analysis

If you surf the web, you’ll read a lot about hair analysis testing. No doubt, the hair analysis is an alternative and misunderstood practice in traditional medicine, but it is a primary tool in environmental research – research into determining, beyond question, the SOURCE of pollution and its danger to the health of plants and animals. Did you know that […]

How Food Makes You Feel Good

Does the food you eat make you feel good or bad? Admit it; you over-eat from time to time, and you’ll get up from the table stuffed and feeling sick and sleepy. Spin this and look at your every meal in the opposite way. The types of food that you eat determine how you feel. So, be picky when you scoot your […]

The Secret To Vitamin C And Good Health

The health benefits of vitamin C go back a long way. History shows that vitamin C has been used to prevent colds, flu, and allergies for centuries. The Secret To Vitamin C There’s a secret to vitamin C that’s been forgotten over the years. The key to its success is taking it to bowel tolerance. […]

A Global Quest For Truth – Disease Is Big Business Today

There’s an event that you don’t want to miss ongoing over the next nine days. I think that you’ll be amazed at what you discover. A nine-part documentary series is now playing live through October 22, 2015 exposing the “hidden side” of the cancer industry. After its premier on October 13, 2015, the documentary series The Truth About […]

Vitamin B15 – Taboo But Powerful For Your Health

  Wouldn’t you like to know that two of the B-Complex vitamins can help in the prevention of Fibromyalgia, aid in cancer prevention, and support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction? All other animals instinctively know that vitamins B15 and B17 are Nature’s cancer prevention. We can get these two vitamins from natural foods, but they […]

Are You Interested In Cancer Prevention?

Everyone, with or without cancer, should learn about cancer prevention diets. Why? Because cancer prevention diets are the ultimate, healthy prevention programs to avoid many toxins found in our foods that can cause disease. Set the bar high, and adopt a healthy program to prevent cancer. Then your body will be strong when resisting other diseases, such as the […]