Join My Podcast With Dr. Steven Hotze

This week, I did a podcast interview with Dr. Steven Hotze, and I will announce the date when the podcast airs in a few weeks. Google Dr. Hotze to learn more about him. Dr. Hotze is an alternative MD, and a good one. It’s encouraging to find an allopathic medical doctor who is open-minded to […]

Q&A: How Long Does It Take to Detox From Aspartame?

Q: I’d like to ask Dr. Hull about the aspartame withdrawal detox questions below.  I had a hair analysis done with Dr. Hull, and am doing her 10-Step Detox Program now, and am watching her videos over and over again to keep me positive. It’s working, but I do have some concerns about strange things happening to […]

2000: The Sweetener War Begins

I’ve written about three decades of aspartame history, yet today as you can see, aspartame is still on the market. Does this mean that aspartame is safe because it has been on the market since 1981? No. You decide for yourself, but to me, this is yet another example of a system gone wrong. Big business […]

That Aspartame 70s Show

In the 1970s, aspartame was having some serious troubles.  Actually, aspartame almost got scrapped because it was causing brain tumors.  That’s right. Back then, everyone knew that aspartame caused brain tumors. G.D. Searle was successful in getting their “competition” out of the way, but they couldn’t get a handle on the death and brain tumor issue surfacing […]

My Sweet Poison In Japan

My book, Sweet Poison, has recently been published in Japan, YOSHIDA Michiyo, Soft Cover, 2013; Japanese translation by Books Crossing Borders through The English Agency (Japan) Ltd. I’m sure it’s ruffling some feathers over there, though, because Ajinomoto, a Japanese corporation, manufactures over 40 percent of the world’s aspartame supply. Oops. Actually, aspartame has always been “Made in […]