Resurrecting The Aspartame US Senate Hearings

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On November 2-3, 1987, the US Senate chamber was sparsely filled, yet it was grossly divided. Senators Edward Kennedy, Howard Metzenbaum, and Orrin Hatch sat behind an empty, polished wooden table, while predominant medical researchers, physicians, and consumer attorneys sat facing them in a hollow gallery; their briefcases overflowing with research documents. Their shiny leather shoes gleamed beneath the tailored cuffs of […]

Don’t Be Sold A Can Of Diet Propaganda

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I have to admit that I fussed with edit after edit before posting my reply to this insane article on because my emotions were running high, and I was all over the map. How much more disappointment can we take reading the continuous propaganda about the supposed safety of aspartame? Not to mention deep sadness at the lack of integrity in the […]

My Latest Podcast On Diet Sweeteners

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  Here is the link to a recent podcast interview with The Makeover Mentor, Danna Demetre. This podcast is longer than usual, but I think it is well worth your time. Listen while you are driving home in traffic or while you’re doing chores, and maybe the time will fly. Danna and I discussed the dangers of […]

Suppressing Scientific Studies – Again

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Recently, proof that the MMR vaccine causes autism finally broke into mainstream news. This proof is disturbing because underlying this research lies a cover-up. Another one. A big one. It’s happened again. The “proof” that combining the MMR vaccine into one drug causes autism is not a new revelation. This fact was exposed because of a […]

Q&A – The Truth About Aspartame Research + Research Links

The Q&A letters

Q: I’m emailing because I’ve been doing independent research on aspartame, and much of the data I’m finding related to the subject is showing that there is no causality relationship between aspartame and negative health effects, which is contrary to what you speak of so passionately. I just wanted to get your take on some […]

How Sweetener Science Is Rigged

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Why does the United States continue to ignore the research proving that aspartame is a carcinogen, and that sucralose causes renal issues, infertility, and breathing difficulty in lab studies? Is profit over human health really that important? Do the Big Corps seriously own our lawmakers and the media, telling them what to do? Apparently so. The dangers […]

Saccharin’s Always Left Holding The Bag

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The politics behind “sodium saccharide” has always left saccharin holding the bag. Saccharin has never been proven to cause cancer in humans, and the FDA confirmed its safety when it removed the cancer warning in 2001. Saccharin’s history isn’t accurate, either, and its original discovery is more than meets the eye. Before aspartame was discovered in […]

More Aspartame Politics Fuels The Neverending Research Wars

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As more people learn of the proven dangers of aspartame, more requests are made by the corporations for  “political” intervention to counter the scientific claims of health dangers. We are witnessing a “research war“, with corporate scientists pitted against the reputations of independent scientists. Truthfully, this is becoming most tiresome and an insult to our intelligence. You and I can express our opinions to no avail from now […]

FDA Proves Aspartame Studies Flawed

US Capitol building with dark storm sky in Washington DC.

Yes, you read right – the FDA proved that the original aspartame studies were flawed in numerous ways. They testified in a US Senate hearing that GD Searle submitted falsified research results. This was in 1977, and we are still waiting for them to do something about it. I wonder why it’s taking so long? On Our […]

The Research Wars – Will It Ever End?

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For every independent study proving aspartame dangers, a corporate study is pay-rolled to claim safe findings. So here we are – stuck in an research battle; an information war  – all for profit at the expense of YOUR health and the health of YOUR children. The fact that aspartame has been proven to be harmful to humans is enough to ban it […]