Vaccination Safety Tips For Generation RX

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?  This is a bigger question today than ever in human history. Why? Well, like most everything these days, vaccines aren’t what they used to be, and today’s complex world demands more and more of them, and at younger and younger ages. We are administering more vaccines than ever before, but is this really healthy? What […]

Tips For A Happy Holiday With High-Energy Kids

  “Peaceful” may not be the first word you associate with the holidays if you have a hyperactive child, but your celebrations can still be “joyful” if you plan for the over-anticipation, over-indulgence, and over-stimulation. Here are a few tips to help make the most of your holidays and the time you spend together as a […]

The Health Benefits of Chess From A ChessNut

Have you ever played chess? Chess is a great game, and it is a wonderful form of therapy. Chess stimulates brain function, and teaches amazing discipline to sit still and focus. Research shows that there is a strong correlation between learning to play chess and academic achievement. Chess is an excellent form of therapy for hyperactive […]

Does Xylitol Affect ADD/ADHD?

Xylitol seems to be a “favored choice” among the sugar alcohols – especially for food manufacturers. But, is it a good choice for high-energy kids? Xylitol is a simple carb extracted from birch tree pulp. The wood sugar “xylose” was first hydrogenated to produce xylitol in 1891 by the German chemist Emil Fischer. Xylitol has been […]

ADHD Case History With A Happy Ending

Nothing is more compelling than sharing a personal experience with a happy ending. I was contacted by a mother who helped her child escape the ADHD label, and begin a life of joy and creativity without prescribed meds. Someone’s personal experience with a drug, food chemical, or inherited pre-disposition will always be unique because everyone […]

Turning ADD/ADHD Into World Leadership

We have so many laws and rules today, we are making criminals out of everyone, and this includes our children. Instead of making more rules and creating more laws to “contain” our children, let’s change the way we think about the next generation. If you are ADD, then celebrate it because YOU can unleash your […]

ADD/ADHD – A Social Blunder

Are you ADD? Are your kids ADHD? Well I probably am, and my kids probably are, but we’re proud of it … and we’re working it! We knew to escape the “mold” and weren’t labeled ADD or ADHD. Instead, my kids and I are more accurately labeled as full of energy, brilliant, successful, leaders, visionaries, and more times than naught misunderstood. Sound familiar? Is ADD Real? ADD/ADHD […]

Two “Nutty” Recipes For Active Kids

Almond Butter And Sliced Bananas Spread 1/3-cup nut butter on whole grain bread. Add banana slices or 100% fruit jam. Other nut butters can be substituted such as cashew, sunflower, hazelnut, or natural peanut butter. Be sure there are no other added ingredients in the nut butter or fruit jam. It’s a P&J that’s healthy […]