Aspartame Case History – She’s Never Had Another Seizure

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No one wants a toddler to have seizures, especially if they can be prevented.

Seeing a toddler suffer through a seizure is very traumatic. Knowing that the doctors can be clueless about the cause is traumatic, too.

Did you know that seizures are an all-too-common reaction to aspartame?

And a situation that might be prevented. 

I included a very compelling case history in my book, Sweet Poison, about Katrina, a 4-year old little girl who suffered brain damage after having multiple, near-fatal seizures.

Her doctors were unable to uncover the cause of her seizures, but her mother connected them to her recent use of a popular children’s chewable vitamin with aspartame.

Katrina’s seizures stopped once she removed all aspartame, but sadly for Katrina, the damage had already been done.

New Case History

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If your doctor can’t find anything wrong on medical tests, there is a good chance the cause is aspartame.

Here is yet another case history of a toddler suffering with seizures caused by aspartame.  How do I know this?

  1. medical doctors typically see nothing abnormal on their traditional lab tests, yet the seizures continue;
  2. the seizures stop after aspartame is stopped.

Below is a feedback form that I recently received from a very smart mom who figured this out on her own.

She definitely had no support from her daughter’s doctors.

Name:  Rachael (Smart Mom)

City:  Edmonton

Aspartame Consumption:  I don’t personally use it – this is for my toddler

Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame:  Yes

Diet Products Used:  I was giving her sugar free drinks

Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free:  No

My 16-month-old just started drinking sugar free Kool-aid® with aspartame.  Five days after giving it to her, she began having seizures. 

She had CAT scans, MRIs, EEGs, and a spinal tap (can you imagine the frightening experience of putting a 16-month-old through a spinal tap?) – all results were normal. 

So, with no real diagnoses, she was put on meds.

While staying with her in the hospital, I thought and thought about why this was happening, and I remembered the only two things that had been different – her vaccines and just starting to use the sugar free drinks.

Well the doctors and her neurologist said no to both; it couldn’t be either of them they tried to convince me.  Well, the day we came home, we decided that we were pretty sure it was the aspartame, and after much research, we decided no more meds once we left hospital, and no more sugar free drinks. 

She’s never had another seizure.  

My daughter has been a very healthy baby; she never had any problems until this.  Why wouldn’t the doctors listen to me?  I know my child better than they do.

They just wanted to keep her doped up.

How do we get them to understand that aspartame is bad?  Her pediatrician recommended the sugar free drink mix!  So, obviously, she is not aware of the dangers, nor are the other doctors and the neurologist at children’s hospital.  I bet at least half the seizure children there probably suffer from the same thing, and the parents don’t realize.  It took us two days to figure this out.

A picture of the book Sweet Poison by Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN

I write in my book Sweet Poison about 4-year old Katrina who had seizures caused by aspartame.

Dear Smart Mom,

Thank you so much for emailing me, and you are spot on!!

You have done the right thing for your precious daughter, and there are many case histories, and research, confirming that the aspartame certainly could be the cause of her seizures.

I included a case history in my book, Sweet Poison, about 4-year Katrina who began having seizures after taking a popular children’s chewable vitamin.

This is a very serious issue, and it is sad that doctors have been told by the AMA to NOT get involved with their patients who are concerned about the dangers of aspartame. My research shows that the manufacturers are afraid of lawsuits if they admit that they are aware of its harm, and they don’t make as much money off of healthy children – this a lifetime of money from drug addiction for them.

It’s so sad.

You are correct to follow your maternal instincts, and thank you for being such a smart mom. If you want more proof of your particular situation, please read Sweet Poison, and you will discover so much of my story will feel like you are reading about your own experience.

You will never win with your doctors, either, so give up trying to convince them that aspartame is bad. Or search for a doctor who is open-minded and brave. If the doctors don’t care enough about your daughter’s future health to listen to you, stay confident that you know more about your daughter than they do.

You have saved your daughter’s health, and that’s all that really matters.

 Wishing you and your family the best in health,
– Janet Hull



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