Here’s A Quick, Low Carb Breakfast When You Are On The Run

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A plastic container of HEB low fat cottage cheese and HEB plain Greek yogurt

A healthy breakfast from The Hullistic Network

Are you always on the run in the morning? Do you skip breakfast because you are out of time to start your daily eating regimen off right?

Here is a great quick breakfast idea from The Hullistic Network Kitchen (because we are always on the run):

145 Calories

Carbs 14 g

Fat 1 g

Protein 19 g

Sodium 220 mg

Sugars 12 g


A bowl of cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and frozen fruit.

What a great breakfast when you are on the run.

Frozen peaches, strawberries and bananas 1/2 cup 35 calories (You can eliminate the fruit if you want to lessen the carbs even more.)

2% milk fat cottage cheese 1/2 cup 45 calories

Plain Greek yogurt 1/2 cup 65 calories

And yes, we also enjoy a French Press of organic coffee.


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