Do What You Love, And Good Health Will Follow

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a picture of an everglade palm

I enjoy beautiful giant palms on my wildlife preserve.

Some of you may not know that I live on a wildlife preserve surrounded by sugar cane fields and ranches.

If you have read my book, Sweet Poison, you know that I am the single mom of three sons, and each one is very different. I had my 3 kids within a 3 year time span.

My life has always been busy, fun, and full of surprises.

Dr. Hull with her sons, Christmas 2014

Dr. Hull with her 3 sons.

My oldest son is a computer guru, and is my business partner at The Hullistic Network.

My middle son is a former professional ballet dancer, and is now a father of twins and a Dallas restaurateur.

My youngest son was born a Steve Erwin – before he could read, he could tell you about any animal or reptile on the planet. In 2005, he and I founded GREEN 501c3, Global Repopulation of Endangered Species Non-Profit.

Over 20 years of collecting tortoises and turtles, we both figured that he might as well formalize his knowledge to not only benefit endangered animals, but to build an organization to educate the public and to work with conservation organizations around the world.

a giant everglade palm from the bottom looking up into the bright sunny sky

I live in a healthy environment full of beauty and wildlife.

San Benito Wildlife and Nature Center

Our non-profit organization has grown over the years, but the climate has definitely changed in North Texas – and there is no such thing as man-made global warning, BTW. I have another blog site (FB link) that focuses on the environment (blog link), if you’d like to join me in my work concerning global cooling, natural disasters, and current Earth events, please click my links.

But, I digress. Back to the wildlife preserve.

Because the climate is getting colder, and the winters are now longer and wetter, we decided to relocate our wildlife preserve from North Texas to tropical South Texas. We purchased 16 acres in The Magic Valley just 45 miles from the Tropic of Cancer, and at times, we feel like we are living in Costa Rica – it is tropical, warm, and full of native, tropical plants and native migratory wildlife.

Great White Pelicans on a lake.

The Giant White Pelicans migrate through the wildlife preserve every autumn and spend a few days resting on my lake.

I entertained thoughts of semi-retiring, but I am busier now than I have ever been – even when I was a single mom.

I love it, though. I am happier after decades of living amid the stress of a sprawling big city.

A crowded subway in NY City

Is living in a crowded big city affecting your health?

Pollution. Crime. Urban development. Increasing taxes.

Some people love the big city life, but it wasn’t for me after 50 years of living in Dallas.

We Are Products Of Our Environments

The point I am making is that everything is a product of its environment.

Humans are no exception.

Consider this: people born and raised in tropical regions have darker eyes and darker skin to protect them from the direct sun, but the generations of people who live in Norway have thin, lighter skin, and light eyes to allow more sunlight into their bodies.

Leopards have spots and Giraffes have long necks. They are products of their environments.

Millions of people live in big, metropolitan areas, but they are exposed to a different way of life – air pollution, fluoridated water, stress, noise and light pollution, expensive food, bigger houses with smaller yards, and lots of germs jetting around crowded places.

I’m not judging this lifestyle at all, and many people love the big city, glass and steel environments. As long as it’s positive for your health and wellness enjoy the busy lifestyle.

telecommunication mast tv antennas with blue sky in the morning

Many people enjoy the big city lifestyle, but is it healthy?

If it’s adversely affecting your health, on the other hand, consider relocating and downsizing to a more minimal lifestyle.

Nature is amazing, and what we tend to forget is that everything, everything, will adapt to its environment to remain safe, healthy, and alive. When you move away from your natural environment, or if you live too long in an unnatural environment that does not fulfill your body’s survival needs, your health and well-being can suffer.

Some allergies are rooted to car and factory pollution. A declining immune system can be the by-product of over-crowded spaces. People tend to get more colds and the flu when living within manufactured environments filled with shopping malls, crowds, hospitals, and concrete walls with stale air ducts.

Everything needs some outdoor time away from pollution and toxic chemicals. We all thrive in bigger spaces with peace and tranquility.

I’m not saying that everyone needs to live in the country; some people thrive in crowded cities. But if your environment doesn’t make you happy, and slowly but surely you are becoming unhealthy, consider that you are a product of your environment, and this may be affecting your health.

A happy woman driving a tractor.

Everyone needs to have time to be outdoors, away from pollution.

Environmental Toxins

When I analyze hair using the hair analysis, I can see if toxins are building within your body. If you are high in heavy metals, such as uranium, barium, mercury, or lead, it is important to determine where these toxins are coming from so that you can remove the source. 

Toxins ARE in your environment, in your foods, and in your medications, and they enter your body and stay there, unless you detox, or relocate, or do both.

So ask yourself, are you living in an environment that supports your health? Are you ok with spending time in traffic every day and breathing in air pollution day in and day out? Do you have an opportunity to live in a big space around beautiful birds, deer, fresh water and fresh foods?

Which one do you think is better for your health?

Man with sinus infection sneezing in bed sneezing.

Avoid a cold and the flu by living in a place with less crowds, which spread germs.

If you find yourself becoming more depressed over time; if your allergies are getting worse; if your sleep patterns are out of synch and you awaken lethargic, consider your environment

You may be a product of an environment that’s unhealthy for you.

I work hard every day on my wildlife preserve, and I still write my books, make my videos, and do the hair analysis for The Hullistic Network. I also teach a college class or two every semester, and I take care of some of the most endangered tortoises, turtles, and birds from around the world.

How do I do it, and stay healthy?

I breath fresh air, drink unpolluted well water, and eat fresh eggs every day; I get plenty of exercise and vitamin D from sunlight; I enjoy a big outdoor space, and I am constantly humbled by the Nature that surrounds me.

Life is awesome. It is beautiful and peaceful, busy yet still, demanding but rewarding, and filled with exciting and unexpected new experiences. I am a product of my environment.

Take some time to look around your world. Is it healthy for you, physically, mentally, and spiritually?  If it is working for you, then you have achieved a wonderful balance that will result in health and happiness in the years to come.

If you find that you need to make some changes to secure a healthier future, there’s no better time to begin than now.

I’d love for you to visit my wildlife preserve website, my Hullistic Network, and my environmental FB blog

Wishing you the best in health and happiness.


a picture of a Cuban palm

A small turtle sitting on a rock

An orange Oriel in a tree

Three Burmese Mountain tortoises.









A gaint tortoise basking in the sun.






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