How To Enjoy The Hot Summer Sun

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a woman in white shirt wiping sweat off her forehead outside after exercising.

Protect yourself in the hot summer sun.

It is crucial to keep your skin – and your entire body –  hydrated when the summer sun is pulling moisture out of you.


Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

It is so important to stay hydrated with pure water to keep your skin young and your body healthy.

The hot summer sun can dehydrate you faster than you think, and dehydration will age you … faster than you think.

When Dark Circles Pop Out

A beautiful woman with her face photoshoped to show one side with make-up and one side without make-up.

Protect your eyes from sun damage.

Did you know that dehydration can create dark circles under your eyes and make your wrinkles “pop out?”

The human body is approximately 70% water, so when you stay hydrated, your skin cells stay full and revitalized.

If you stay dehydrated, your skin will show it.

Make sure to drink the purest forms of water available, and avoid flavored waters, diet waters, and bottled waters with additives, such as food colorings, preservatives, corn syrup, or diet sweeteners.


For more than 20 years, I have used a product called NIORA to moisturize and hydrate my skin. I live in South Texas merely 45 miles from the Tropic of Cancer, and during the summer months, the sun’s rays are very direct.

I have used NIORA’s all-natural skin moisturizer since the 1990s to keep dark circles and wrinkles from forming during the summer. I use their Eye Therapy Replenishment Serum, and love the results.

A healthy moisturizer will contain fruit acids, phospholipids, and jojoba that fade wrinkles, and, most importantly, rehydrate your skin while reducing puffiness and discoloration from the sun.

Feed Your Body

A green and yellow box of Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix

Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix from the makers of Emergen-C®

It is important to feed your body from both the inside and from the outside when spending time in the sun.

That means: regularly take your Multivitamins and Trace Minerals when spending a lot of time in the sun, and eat as many fresh and raw foods as possible.

I also add electrolytes to my water before I go into the sun, especially when at the beach or outside for an extended period of time on my wildlife preserve. I personally use Emergen-C Electro Mix.

Everyone needs to replace their electrolytes when sweating from heat and the sun. Remember that it’s important to keep these levels up:

  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
a thermometer with danger, disaster, crisis, and emergency marked on it.

Make sure to take precautions when the temperature is really hot.

Between drinking LOTS of bottled Spring water with electrolytes, using good skin creams, and wearing a hat/cap/visor and sunglasses, I enjoy being outside in the Texas summer sun – well, when it stays below 100 degrees, that is.


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