Have You Ever Heard Of An Accidental Incidence?

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A group of people partying with hats, food, and party favors.

Avoid the sweets at holiday parties.

Have you ever been to a holiday party at your office, school, or at your neighbor’s house where everyone brings a potluck dish or a special holiday dessert?

Holiday parties are fun – it’s always great to see good friends and family, and how lucky we all are to have a buffet of food during celebrations, from salads to casseroles to desserts.

Avoid The Sweets

Yes, you eat too much at holiday parties.

Yes, you eat things that you normally wouldn’t eat – like sweets.

Yes, you dig into lots of desserts, candies, and other sweet things.

Yes, you drink more alcohol than usual.

Yes, you go home stuffed, and feeling a little sick.

And yes, you blame it on all of the above.

Accidental Incidence

Pieces of dark chocolate.

Be cautious when you eat sweets over the holidays.

Have you ever heard of an accidental incidence?

An accidental incidence is when you accidentally, unknowingly, eat a food chemical that makes you react in a negative way.

Like aspartame.

Aunt Louise didn’t tell you that she used a diet sweetener when she made her fudge bars. Hum, she never used the stuff before, so who’d ever guess that this year, she was trying to be “more responsible.”

A picture of a grandmother cooking fresh foods.

People add the diet sweeteners to holiday dishes thinking they are doing a good thing.

After all, half of your cousins were recently diagnosed with diabetes, so Aunt Louise was just trying to help.

While your cousins pop open another diet soda, YOU get a screaming migraine.

Was it the Christmas punch or Aunt Louise’s brownies?

You’ll probably blame the punch, but I’ll target the brownies, especially because you always react to aspartame and have never reacted to a glass of holiday punch.

You just experienced an accidental incidence.

Dr. Hull's family photo over Christmas.

I enjoy our family holiday parties.

Here’s Your Way Out

Be wary of all the food lining the tables at holiday parties. You can be polite when you avoid those foods that typically have sugar in them. Unless you know for sure, simply resist eating the foods that might have a diet sweetener baked in them.

  1. If appropriate, ask the cook if they used a diet sweetener, and if that’s embarrassing, just say no thank you.
  2. Know your limits. Stop eating and drinking before you have gone over your normal limits.
  3. Mix a glass of French Green clay before you leave for your party, and when you get home, detox before you go to bed. You might add some pure B3 niacin, some vitamin C, and a multivitamin to that bedtime prevention, too.
  4. Drink 8 to 16 ounces of water during and after the party. As everyone else is getting tipsy, no one will notice that YOU are drinking water with a lemon slice.
  5. Upon waking, detox with French Green clay again.

So, head’s up over the holidays. Have fun with your friends and family, but avoid all those unlabeled toxic chemical sweeteners in those yummy dishes you only eat at the holidays.

You’ll have a much better time, before, during and after.




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