Do Some Prevention Before You Fill That Prescription

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Do your research before you get hooked on medications.

Modern meds. Are they over-used? Over-prescribed? Over-abused?

Most of us realize that medications are not what they used to be. Be cautious and do your homework when your doc pulls out his pen and med-pad. Do some prevention before you fill that prescription.


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We have overused medications.

When antibiotics came onto the scene, they were miracle drugs – really.

Back in the day, before medications were abused and overused like today, people ate wholesome foods that provided the tools needed to stay healthy and strong, they exercised more by simply being more active, they were outdoors in vitamin-rich sunshine more than today, they got more sleepprimarily due to less electric and fuel use …. well, you get my point.

Things have changed.

If you start to get sick, your body will naturally slow down while it works to dissolve whatever foreign entity is making you sick. In today’s busy world, are you allowing your body to take charge when you get sick?

Think about your dog or cat. If they pick up a microbe, eat something fowl and rancid, or get bitten by a stinging insect, their immune systems typically handle the problem. They might swell up, get diarrhea, or sleep for a couple of days, but watch them eat grass for the natural nutrients that help restore their health, or gobble up some dirt or clay to dissolve the toxin(s).

They’ll definitely slow down and rest, though.

If you feed your pet quality food, and if Fido gets plenty of exercise and vitamin D from sunshine, under normal circumstances, your precious family pet will restore its health on its own.

The same principle works for you, too.

But, today, it is different.

There is no doubt that antibiotics, also known as antibacterials and antimicrobials, revolutionized medicine during the later half of the 20th century. But, antibiotics have been overused, and the success of antibiotics is being cancelled out by their combative counterparts: resistant bacteria.

Bacterial resistance has existed alongside antibiotics from the very beginning — but never on such a large scale as today.

Most of us are living in more crowded and smaller spaces, and our access to natural healing elements, for both man and animal, is shrinking. This makes a healthy environment dirtier, and increases the chances of more disease.

In comes antibiotics and medications to help us keep on keeping on.

Bacterial strains have always been around to resist antibiotics, but as we increase the use of antibiotics, and all meds, multiple-drug resistant (MDR) bacteria increase, too.

More meds, more vaccines, more drugs, and more chemicals injected into our bodies are NOT the solution to the increase in disease. 

A hand flipping a coin.

The safety of modern drugs is just a flip of the coin.


Let’s look at the drug Tramadol as a good example.

A study done by pathologists in Ireland shows that the prescription painkiller, Tramadol, is claiming more lives than any other drugincluding heroin and cocaine.

I don’t think that people realize how potentially risky taking Tramadol can be because it’s a prescription drug, and most people assume that makes it safe.

Tramadol should be upgraded to a Class A addictive drug, but if you stop for a moment and think about this – it is addictive!!!! Once you start taking it, you’ll never be able to stop.

Pain is something no one wants to experience for their lifetime, but an addiction to a potentially lethal drug isn’t a better solution, in my humble opinion.

The solutions?

Before you commit to an addiction to any substance (and an expensive one, at that), search for the many ways you can decrease pain.

  1. Try natural medical techniques, such as acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic treatments;
  2. Research natural, homeopathic supplements such as Arnica Montana;
  3. Rearrange your schedule to allow you to get more rest;
  4. Detox regularly because we live in a polluted world, and toxins don’t make you feel any better;
  5. Get a hair analysis to make sure that you are not accumulating toxins, which add more body stress, pain and discomfort;
  6. A hair analysis also shows what essential nutrients your body needs, and which ones you don’t need; when your nutrients are balance, you can heal faster and feel better longer;
  7. Spend time outdoors every week;
  8. Consistently move your body with some form of exercise (including yoga, a gym membership, gardening, or simply walking the cat).

If you are going to be addicted to something, make it a healthy addiction.

Vaccine Addictions

A senior research scientist in the lab.

Vaccines today aren’t as safe as they used to be.

Most of us standing up against vaccines weren’t always against vaccinations.

When vaccines were first introduced, they were miraculous things. Actually, they still are, or they can be.

The problem is, like with antibiotics and medications, we are abusing them – overusing them – becoming addicted to them. 

Dr./Senator Ron Paul, MD states in his article The Rise of Mandatory Vaccinations Means the End of Medical Freedom:

The herd immunity theory has been consistently used to validate the expansion of vaccine programs, but it still doesn’t justify the removal of choice from the individual. The rise of mandatory and forced vaccination legislation should send a chill up every single American spine. That government can force you to accept any kind of medicine and inject you against your will is totalitarianism at its worst!

This egregious form of state power is metastasizing.

Many of the diseases that vaccines are trying to prevent are not as serious as the vaccine injuries. Remember the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

As with so many new meds today, the overuse and the unnecessary use of vaccines can result in health problems worse than the original illness. When vaccines and meds are needed, use them then.

This prevents unknown, long-term and future reactions.

It’s better to be safe and smart, then sorry and full of regret. 

Bottomline, do some prevention before you fill that prescription. That medical script will always be there if you need it, but your natural immune system might not be.

A picture of a pile of pills.

Take a deep breath, do your research, and take the time that you need to let your immune system do its thing before you choose to get on medications that might be deadly and addictive.



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