7-Steps To Get The Elephant Out Of The Room

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A funny picture of a frightened man.

Is life getting tougher these days?

Are you feeling tired these days? Maybe a bit unmotivated? Is your level of stress creeping up all around you?

Well, you are not alone, and there is a way to rise out of this – for the sake of your health and well-being.

Today, just being for a human being carries a hefty price tag, and this has led our species far down the wrong road. We have reached a point in our lives where decisions must be made. Many of us don’t even know what those decisions are because we have long forgotten the questions.

On The Wrong Road

A change next exit road sign.

Get off the wrong road, and exit for the better.

The more complex societies become, the more conditions we place on each other, and on Nature. In our attempt to manage the chaos that we have created, we create more. Our edicts are unnatural Laws of Nature; they no longer maintain a healthy relationship with the Earth; humanity is threatening its own survival.

But, all is not lost. Have you ever turned down the wrong road and gotten lost? What did you do next?

You turned your car around and got back on the right road.

Not to minimize a very serious situation, but it really is this easy. We, as individuals and as societies, merely need to wake-up and redirect!

US Capitol building with dark storm sky in Washington DC.

The changes start with the right leaders.

Social Changes

No doubt, life on Earth is changing today and in dramatic ways, but we can shift things for the better once we know the truth about the what, why, and how.

For example, let’s change these issues:

  1. Children are no longer being taught basic science, history, politics, world geography, or life-tools in public school;
  2. Mass media and public journalism are not sharing the full-stories and truth about local and world events, especially controversial and political issues;
  3. The Constitution of The United States, and political doctrines in other countries around the world, are being usurped by leaders who want to maintain their power (this has been going on for decades in the US and for centuries, worldwide);
  4. The banking system is stealthily stealing people’s freedom and money, and are uniting globally to complete this task;
  5. Big Corporations are monopolizing the free-trade markets and small businesses;
  6. Big Pharma is altering human health by injecting poisons into our bodies and manipulating our survival with manufactured drugs;
  7. Big Agra is destroying the natural ecosystem and creating a dependency on “their patented technology” for survival;
  8. Big Politics is leading the human species into a devastating and hateful war.

Elephant In The Room

A picture of a father and child holding the Earth in their hands.

Don’t forget the power of Nature and where we fit into the cycle of life.

As we focus intensely on life’s stresses (above) and the mis-directed things that we are doing to one another, we haven’t noticed a BIG elephant in the room.

Mother Nature.

Drastically changing weather patterns, increases in powerful earthquakes, the rise in tsunamis and global flooding, astonishing volcanic eruptions, and powerful tornadoes are ramping up all around us. Nature has the power to change all life on this planet in less than an hour.

#1 – this isn’t as scary as it sounds when you understand how to respect it.

#2 – this isn’t as scary as it sounds when you remember that humans are seeded from the Earth just like every other living being; that we are a part of this life cycle, and when we stay balanced with all life – driven by Nature – we are free to survive healthily, happily, and in balance.

In the Western world, we have forgotten this.

Most people are inconvenienced when natural disasters occur. Many disbelieve and play the victim when faced with grave and imminent danger, or a catastrophe. We must realize that we cannot stop major Earth events, so in order to survive as a species, we must change the way we look at them.

We have a lot of work to do. 

A girl resisting what she is being told.

We must start saying NO to corruption!

7-Steps To Get Back On Track

It’s never too late to reverse our direction to find our way back to living in harmony with nature and with each other. This, of course, is easier said than done, but it will inevitably result in the most phenomenal change in human history since the beginning of humanity.

By adopting a new view of the Earth, we can thrust our wishes and desires in the right direction, into a place that is more down-to-earth, and certainly more in synch with the on-going power of this planet.

It starts with changing your mindset, and joining together using intelligence and peace. Get out of your own way, face your fears, stop judging, and change the political rulers keeping you off-tract:

  1. Get corrupted leaders out of office ASAP;
  2. Get out of the central banking system and keep your money, investments, and assets independent of anyone’s control;
  3. Say no to unnecessary medications and vaccinations;
  4. Stop GMOs;
  5. Stop the TPP;
  6. Stop the wars;
  7. Learn some world geography and Earth Science.

If everyone just takes these 7-steps above, we can get life back on the right road – a road of peace, joy, health, and happiness. 


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