Don’t Be Sold A Can Of Diet Propaganda

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A diet coke can

Aspartame propaganda continues to convince consumers that aspartame is perfectly safe.

I have to admit that I fussed with edit after edit before posting my reply to this insane article on because my emotions were running high, and I was all over the map.

How much more disappointment can we take reading the continuous propaganda about the supposed safety of aspartame? Not to mention deep sadness at the lack of integrity in the trickery and the lies.

I know diet soda sales are declining, but really? 

Aspartame almost killed me, but I guess that I don’t count. The thousands of people who have had serious health reactions to aspartame obviously don’t count, either. Nor do their children.

How many more people have to suffer at the hands of mis-information and propaganda?

Please stop insulting our intelligence.


It makes me wonder if the “Johnny Come Lately” journalists are being paid to re-write aspartame’s history because ALL THEY PRINT is the same old propaganda. There is no mention in this article about any of the damning research from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

I guess they don’t count.

There is no mention of aspartame’s very political approval history, nor of the government documents, i.e. the Senate Hearings, concerned about aspartame’s carcinogenic effects and brain tumors.

A Top Secret box tied with chains

Aspartame’s dangerous health effects have been proven without a doubt, but this proof is carefully manipulated and kept hidden from the public.

And, no mention of the deaths registered in FDA files connected to aspartame use, or that in the 1970s, aspartame was first approved by the FDA, but that approval was immediately rescinded when the independent research showed that aspartame ate holes in the brains of the lab animals.

So, these don’t count, either?

Decide For Yourself

I am a firm believer in making your own decisions about what you choose to put inside of your body, and as a professor, I respect each individual’s right to know the whole story – ALL sides – of any issue.

NONE of these facts were mentioned in this upworthy article.

Articles promoting aspartame safety are biased when they leave out the proven dangers of consuming this chemical sugar. They mis-represent the entire story about aspartame’s approval history, and they ignore the integrity of the researchers who have proved aspartame to be a carcinogen, and a dangerous chemical to a fetus.

A genie bottle with a $100 dollar bill coming out of it.

The genie is out of the bottle now, and diet cola sales are down.

This is the other side of this serious issue; the facts that tell a truth that doesn’t serve the Big Corps. The corporations who stand to profit the most from aspartame have exercised their power over the truth and information for over three decades. The truth is driving their sales down.

According to Morgan-Stanley, soda consumption keeps declining in the US, especially diet soda. They blame this on everything from the weather to increasing food costs.

They ignore the fact that aspartame has been shown to cause cancer, memory loss, weight gain, phobias and hyperactivity, depression, fertility issues, blood disorders, and thyroid disease.

And death. Does that not count?

Alarming Chronicle of Events

Aspartame has been proven over and over again in both corporate and independent studies from all over the world to cause cancer and brain lesions. In the 1970s, Dr. John Olney, Washington School of Medicine, proved aspartame ate holes in the brains of his laboratory mice, and his research continues to connect an increase in brain tumors to aspartame. In the 1980s, medical researchers determined that aspartame caused fetal deformities and lower IQs.

There is no mention in this unworthy, upworthy article about aspartame’s lethal reactions in people with PKU.

In the 1970s, the FDA itself proved that the corporate aspartame studies were rigged. Aspartame’s approval history involves a complex and alarming chronicle of events.

I have the original aspartame documents in safe keeping, but have published many of them in my book, Sweet Poison, and on my websites. So heed the warning: don’t be sold a can of diet propaganda.

Aspartame has been shown in scientific studies to cause memory loss, leukemia and lymphoma (here’s the original research), breast tumors, and brain tumors. Actually, the corporate researchers were the first ones to discover breast tumors in the laboratory animals.

More Proof

A beautiful woman with a headache.

Aspartame has been proven to cause depression and memory loss, weight gain, and cancer.

Here are links to some of the original research studies proving aspartame is a dangerous and toxic chemical to the human body:

  • Dr. Stylianos Tsakiris, Department of Experimental Physiology, Medical School, University of Athens and his research team at the Institute of Child Health, Research Center, Aghia Sophia Children’s Hospital, Athens, Greece published a study that showed high levels and cumulative toxic concentrations of aspartame decreased the membrane AChE activity, resulting in memory loss. Additionally, neurological symptoms, including learning and memory processes, appeared in the study to be related to the high or toxic concentrations of the sweetener metabolites.

To download this study, visit this link: The Tsakiris Aspartame Study

  • The Trocho study from Spain is a general study on artificial sweetener toxicity supported through the Bosch & Gimpera Foundation, Barcelona, Spain. The study concluded that aspartame consumption may constitute a hazard because of its contribution to the formation of formaldehyde adducts (when a chemical binds to a biological molecule, such as DNA or a protein). The binding of methanol-derived carbon to tissue proteins was widespread in the study, affecting all body systems, fully reaching even sensitive targets such as the brain and retina.

For the complete research text, visit this link: Trocho Aspartame Study From Spain

  • The Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Public Health University of Pecs, Pecs, Hungary, published an aspartame study showing that aspartame ingested, even at maximum daily dose, changes the genes in various organs in animals. After one week of aspartame administered at various doses to CBA/CA female mice, the results showed that among the rats receiving aspartame, a significant increase of lymphoreticular neoplasms, brain tumors and transitional cell tumors occurred. The research team concluded that aspartame has a biological effect in the body, even at the recommended daily maximum dose.

Visit this link: The Pecs, Hungary Study

A senior research scientist in the lab.

Highly respected independent researchers and physicians have proven aspartame dangers.

Aspartame Researchers

Here is a list of some of the independent researchers and physicians who have proven aspartame dangers:

Dr. Russell Blaylock

The late Dr. H.J. Roberts

Dr. James Bowen

Dr. Sandra Cabot

Dr. Miles E. Drake

Dr. Louis Elsas

Dr. James B. Hayes

Dr. Virgil M. Hulse

Dr. Cristine Lydon

Dr. Woodrow C. Monte

Dr. John Olney

Dr. Madelon Price

Dr. Morgan Raiford

Dr. Richard J. Sabetes

Dr. Charles Schwartz

Dr. Peter A. Simkin

Dr. Morando Soffritti

Dr. Stylianos Tsakiris

Dr. Ralph Walton

Dr. Julian Whitaker

Dr. George M. Wolverton

Decide for yourself if aspartame is a health danger to you or your children, but red-flag the articles that try to push aspartame as safe.  They show no respect for your intelligence, and they exude no integrity, intellect, or human compassion.

If articles do not include a timeline of aspartame’s approval history, if they do not mention the multitude of research proving aspartame’s health dangers, and if they profess that aspartame is totally harmless, hit DELETE.


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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only, and is educational in nature. The FDA may not have evaluated some of the statements.  This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please discuss with your own, qualified health care provider before adding supplements or making any changes to your dietary program.

About Janet Hull PhD, CN

Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN has been working with clients in the holistic health field since 1995. Using natural medicine to cure herself from a diagnosis of Graves’ disease caused by aspartame, Dr. Hull began researching the toxic causes of disease. Today, she is one of the world’s leading experts in environmental toxicology and holistic health and nutrition. Dr. Hull is the first researcher to publicly expose the dangers of aspartame. Connect with Dr. Hull on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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