Quaker Oats® View On GMOs

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A wooden spoon filled with raw oats.

Quaker Oats’ stance on GMOs is that they are no different from natural oats.

I am sharing a letter from Quaker Oats that one of the readers on The Healthy News Facebook blog posted. And BTW, Quaker Oats is owned by PepsiCo®.

Message From Blogger

I just wanted to share Quaker Oats view of GMO’s.

I think that it’s important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

To: ConsumerRelations@cr.quakeroats.com

Where does your company stand on the GMO problem? Do you have plans to go non-GMO in all your products?


Reply From Quaker Oats

From: Consumer Relations – RE: Quaker Oats , REF.# 060079165A.


Thank you for contacting Quaker. Your comments are important to us, we appreciate your sharing them.

None of the oats, wheat or barley used in our products — across all brands — are grown from genetically modified seeds. In fact, genetically modified seeds for this/these crops are not currently commercially available in the U.S.

That said, we’re glad for the chance to provide some clarification about genetically modified ingredients. When it comes to safety, the FDA has determined that foods developed through this process are no different than foods developed by traditional plant breeding. And in fact they conclude that these GM foods don’t differ from other foods in any meaningful way.

Finally, all of our products (worldwide) comply with all applicable food laws and labeling requirements. Quaker relies on and supports the regulatory agencies charged with safeguarding our food supply when sourcing ingredients for our products. We are committed to using only safe and approved ingredients for our products.

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us, hope this information is helpful.

Quaker Consumer Relations
A Division of PepsiCo
Ref# 060079165A
PepsiCo offers convenient, nutritious and affordable products in nearly every country in the world while respecting the Earth’s resources through innovation, efficient use of land, energy, water and packaging.

So, there you have it ……

Thank you so much for emailing Quaker, and for sharing this experience. Now, may I recommend some good old-fashioned Irish Steel Oats?

A can of Irish Steel Oats

Good old-fashioned Irish Steel Oats

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