Sacrificing Nutrition For Profit – Be Careful What You Read

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A funny picture of a duck.

Advertisers are misleading consumers more and more these days. A duck isn’t called a duck anymore if it costs Big Corps big money.

I am still processing a headline that I read over the weekend: Solar Panels Drain The Sun’s Energy, Experts Say

Stick with me – this has a point!

Halliburton is sponsoring a privately-owned think tank located in Cheyenne, Wyoming that claims their “experts” have discovered that solar panels are draining the sun of its own energy.

At first, I thought this was just a sick Facebook joke. Now, I actually think they are serious.

This is really scary that THEY believe that WE will believe this insidious headline.

(BTW, this solar research is more than absurd, and is an insult to basic, human intelligence.  Solar panels, no matter how many we install globally, will NOT, never-never-ever-ever, drain the Sun … 3rd graders know this.)

Who do they think they are fooling, AND WHY?

Propaganda Makes Money

A few years ago, I stopped in my tracks when I overheard a commercial for Crystal Lite®. The advertisement stressed the importance of drinking eight glasses of water a day, while telling viewers they can get their daily required intake of water by drinking at least eight or more glasses of their artificially sweetened, chemically-dyed, powdered, laboratory drink product.

I was stunned by this inaccurate “nutritional” advice blasting down the hallways of millions of American homes.

Advertisers aren’t nutritionists (and oil supply companies aren’t solar energy experts, either).

The modern consumer is being sold a bill of short-goods by fancy carnival salesmen trying to make a quick buck.

Sacrificing Nutrition For Profit

A cartoon picture of a mad scientist.

True science today is being replaced with glitzy headlines, misleading research, and paid-for-science.

As consumers start to realize this and pull farther away from expensive, man-made inventions (including man-made foods), we return to cheaper, cleaner, and more natural alternatives to sustain a healthier life.

But, the Big Corps are losing profits.

They’ll try harder to keep your business – no matter how inaccurate the research, how misleading the headlines, the false advertisements, or the bogus information they want you and your children to believe.

Well, just turn on your television, pick up a magazine, or sieve through sensational Facebook headlines.

Heads up!


These oily, corporate scientists must be pretty darn stupid. Maybe that’s why there have been so many oil spills lately.

A picture of the bright sun.

Solar panels do not drain the Sun, is the best source of vitamin D3.

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