I-Herb Coupon And Walter Badet’s French Green Clay

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A genie bottle with a $100 dollar bill coming out of it.

It’s always good to save money, especially when buying quality vitamins.

One of my favorite on-line vitamin stores is i-Herbs. I have them on my Hullistic Market Vitamin Directory, and have a coupon to share with you: http://www.iherb.com?rcode=FIL718  that will save up to $10 on your next order.

Walter Badet

I also have a short film to share with you made by my French Green Clay supplier in France, Walter Badet. Here is the link to the movie on Vimeo, where you can watch the trailer, download the movie, and open a free vimeo account  http://vimeo.com/ondemand/americanicon/86617985 .

I first met Walter when I was searching for the purest green clay available, and once we connected, I knew I could now recommend the finest food-grade clay in the world. 

Walter rescues and treats horses with the French Green Clay, too. He bonds with his horses, and I with my tortoises and birds on my wildlife sanctuary.

I found my clay, and I made a good friend.

A picture of French Green Illite Clay

Walter’s French Green Illite Clay is the best clay in the world.

Walter writes: “Growing up in Provence, South of France, the use of GREEN CLAY was a part of our lives. It was given to people,dogs, cats, horses …

“After moving to the US and becoming fully involved in the horse world, I became aware of how little was known about the benefits of the green French clay. It is my hope to bring the clay and its properties into public awareness.”

Wild Mustangs

The wild Mustangs in Utah.


Horse Whisperer

Walter is a French horseman, and is modest when I refer to him as a master horse-whisperer. (Maybe that’s a Texas term, and he is French!) Just as he spent all of his life connecting with the spirit and soul of horses, in the movie, Walter spends a day amongst the wild horses (Mustangs) running free in Utah, the last living herd of the Shoshone Indians.

After spending twenty years in the West, and in direct contact with Indian culture, Walter helps us discover a life philosophy taught from the horse.

A unique documentary that will transport you into the majestic plains of Utah, Meeting An American Idol will enlighten you on the authenticity on Nature, and the animal, that can reveal and elevate human beings.

Walter’s movie is a poignant and moving film that will bring you back to simple and essential values … sometimes forgotten.

And all this from my French Green Clay supplier – and good friend! 





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