Step Into Health – Happy Feet First

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Numbered dots taped to a person's feet showing the pressure points.

Massaging the body’s pressure points in your feet helps maintain wellness and relaxation. From Ryan Jay Hoyme

An easy way to maintain your health is to start with your feet.

Massage Nerd, AKA Ryan Hoyme from Houston, Texas, posted this amazing reflexology, pressure point chart, and he has links to more.


Think of your nervous system like an electrical circuit. All the connections have positive and negative charges that are at the ends of the same wire. If you touch one end, it resonates on the opposite end, or reflexes.

If the wires are kinked or blocked, stimulating the electrical connection on one end can activate a more efficient connection traveling to the opposite end.

Basically, massaging the pressure points on your feet feels good, and has many health benefits.

Happy Feet

Reflexology stimulates circulationremove blockages, and helps keep your body flow in alignment. Massaging these pressure points in your feet can relax you and open a pathway for your body systems to function freely and healthily.

Enjoy rubbing your feet at these pressure points on a regular basis. Rub your children’s feet, too, to enhance wellness as they grow and mature.

Now you ALL can have HAPPY FEET.

A father, mother, and child's feet sticking out of the bed sheets.

Regularly massage your feet, your children’s feet, and your mate’s feet for health and wellness.




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