What’s Really Behind GMOs – Owning The World’s Food Supply

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A picture of a "No Monsanto" insignia cut into a farm field in Serbia - 2013 Why's Monsanto in Serbia, anyway?

A “No Monsanto” insignia cut into a farm field in Serbia – 2013

GMOs. The power behind GMOs is pretty darn scary. Many people don’t want to get involved in the GMO-thing, but our future will be in the hands of Monsanto and the big corporations if we do not fully understand what’s really going on behind the scenes.

We are missing the point: the biggest threat from GMOs is the ultimate control of ALL the food and ALL the farms worldwide.

THIS is what’s behind GMOs.

From Labels To Lawsuits

The labeling of GMO foods is getting a lot of attention, even though it is far from being resolved. The issue much bigger than GMO labeling is Monsanto’s claim of ownership for the crops on non-GMO farms where their patented seeds have BLOWN IN THE WIND. This problem has NOT gotten as much attention as the labeling concerns, but it must come to the forefront of everyone’s awareness.

Our food and the right to grow non-GMO foods is, and should be, our GREATEST concern. Our right to grow and sell non-GMO has now become a legal issue, and this will keep ownership issues in courtrooms for years to come.

A spotlight shining on a theater floor.

We must turn the spotlight onto Monsanto’s ultimate GMO goal – to own the world’s food supply.

Monsanto’s end game is to own the rights to all seeds for edible plants. If we don’t focus on this one issue, they will succeed.

While we battle out the labels, Monsanto will be busy suing local farmers for patent infringement by claiming rights to their crop yields. Monsanto is already claiming that the crops in other countries are ultimately theirs because their patented seeds are now planted in foreign agricultural systems.

This is the bottom-line and ultimate goal of Monsanto – to own the world’s food supply.

Win Some, Lose Some

In Maine, farmers have won a major victory in the battle against Monsanto, but many farmers have lost their fight. It comes down to how careful the farmer is and how tied to Monsanto the courts may be.

A Maine Court ordered Monsanto to NOT sue farmers for patent infringement should they encounter trace GE contamination blown into their fields, while the US Court of Appeals ruled that organic growers must rely on Monsanto assurances on their company’s website that it will not sue them as long as the mix of seeds is very slight.

For the first time since GMOs hit the courtrooms, American farmers are gaining new, critical legal protection, but watch out if you are a farmer who contracted to buy GMO seeds and herbicides – you’ll be the property of Monsanto before your contract is up. They’ll claim ownership for every new sprig that pops up in the future on your land.

Today, growing food is subject to litigation – farmers can choose to sue Monsanto to recover damages because of Monsanto’s contamination of non-GMO crops, and Monsanto can counter sue farmers asserting patent infringement.

This is madness, but THIS is where our focus needs to be. Labeling GMO products is very important, but don’t let the fox into the henhouse while we’re distracted from the ultimate corporate goal – Monsanto’s end game is to own the rights to all seeds for edible plants and herbal medicines.



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