a picture of the jacket cover for The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet.

Here Are Some Options For Cancer When You’re Out Of Options

Cancer is a very controversial topic, and one that I feel is very personal. When faced with cancer, you are faced with many more issues, and these are philosophical - they involve your personal belief in life and death, they test your faith in the medical establishment, and they emphasize your … [Read More...]

Ticks are the primary cause of Lyme Disease.

Something You Must Know About Lyme Disease

Do you know someone with Lyme Disease? Maybe you have Lyme. Lyme is one of those unresolved diseases, and doctors don't have much success curing it. Diagnosing Lyme can be difficult, and many people who have Lyme may be misdiagnosed with other conditions. Patients with Lyme disease are frequently … [Read More...]

An over weight woman gagged with a tap measure.

Does Your Doctor Think You’re Nuts?

"I've been having strange health symptoms, but my doctor can't find anything wrong." I hear this a lot from many of my clients. Have you ever had health symptoms that your doctor couldn't see? You KNOW your health symptoms are there, but a battery of medical tests doesn't show anything. … [Read More...]